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7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Spring

This past Winter seemed like it was never going to end.

Since we have gotten a late start to Spring, this past weekend was the first really warm days we had so I got busy planting in my garden.

I wanted to make sure that I enjoy every moment that I can spend outside in the warm weather and these 7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas will help you enjoy your space, too.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden


Wishing Well- This is a simple way to add a creative touch to an already established garden.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Hanging a basket of flowers that flow out of a wishing well is an easy way to brighten up or bring back life to an old decoration.

Plus, if you wished for a prettier wishing well, it’s your lucky day, no quarter needed.

Boots- Don’t throw those old boots in the trash just because they have a hole in them, upcycle them into a creative planter.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Cowboy boots and rainboots alike look fantastic with a few bright flowers planted inside.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Even an old pair of boots with holes will work, in fact, adding a few extra holes is not a bad idea, proper drainage is crucial to a hearty plant.

Storage Bin- Look through your cabinets and pull out those storage bins that never get used, have warped lids, missing lids, or never had a lid in the first place.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Plant some flowers inside and enjoy the creative addition to your garden.

I just couldn’t make these bright red storage bins work in my house but I love them as a creative planter idea.

Watering Can- Do you collect watering cans or just have more than you will ever need?

I sure do and garage sale season is about to begin so I will be adding more to my collection anytime now at the cost of about a quarter a piece.


7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Grab a couple from a thrift shop or garage sale and plant a few annuals inside.

I know you will enjoy the new purpose of these cute upcycled planters.

Stock Pot- I love being in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, playing games at the table, it is my favorite room in the house.

I don’t say that in a narcissistic or a sarcastic way, I really enjoy spending time in there, it’s my dream kitchen.

A long time ago, I was a professional new construction house cleaner, they are who come clean up the paint, drywall, and dust left over from the painters and builders.

Anyway, I would spend the entire time I was in those houses cleaning them like they were my own and thinking about the possibility that someday I could have an awesome kitchen too.

Now that I do, I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Not only do I love the way it looks but I enjoy buying housewares that are typically found in the kitchen.

Since I just don’t have enough room for every style of pot, mixing bowl, canister, or dishes in the kitchen, I started using these pieces in the garden.

Cookie Jar- I never have cookies already made in my home, just waiting to be grabbed from the cookie jar but I do have several cookie jars for some reason.

That reason may have something to do with all of the citywide garage sales in the Cedar Rapids area, I can’t turn down a cool cookie jar for a quarter.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

I just love these kinds of items, I pick them up at thrift stores and garage sales with no real plan on how they will fit into my life but it worked out in the end because a cookie jar makes a beautiful planter!

Purse- I have a few old purses that were given to me as a gift and they are in pretty rough shape these days.

I used to just keep them in the closet, buried, and never really gave them a second thought until creativity struck and I brought new life to my old purses.

7 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Planting flowers inside a purse is a great way to enjoy them again but be sure to check the material for water resistance or plant your flowers in a pot before adding to the purse then hang under a roof if needed.

Do you enjoy getting creative in the garden? What is your most creative flower planter idea?

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Heather Swanson

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

So many creative ideas

ellen beck

Friday 4th of May 2018

I LOVE these ideas! I too am a garage sale fiend and you can pick up something to use as a planer for cheap. Hey if you want another idea, go to auctions, you can pick up box lots for a buck. I was just at Sharpless down past Iowa City, and it was awesome.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I have not heard of Sharpless but it sounds awesome! I love getting deals and sometimes even fixing up underpriced things and selling for a profit. I have to check this place out now, thank you!

Laura Dove

Friday 27th of April 2018

Oh I love the wishing well idea! That's super sweet! We are doing our garden up at the moment so this would be great!

Debra Hawkins

Thursday 26th of April 2018

I saved a pair of my Grandpa's huge Cowboy boots to turn into planters! I think it is such a fun way to remember him!


Thursday 26th of April 2018

What a great way to recycle and reuse! I love all of your flower pots!!

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