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What it’s Really Like to See John Edward Live

This post is part of a collaboration with John Edward, although I received tickets to this event to facilitate my post, all opinions are my own. 

This past weekend John Edward, the psychic medium, came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and my family attended his event, which was the first time any of us have seen him live. We were all kind of unsure of what to expect even though we had watched him on television countless times, we weren’t sure what attending a live John Edward event would be like but we were excited to experience it for ourselves.

John Edward Psychic Medium Live

When we arrived a few minutes before the VIP doors opened, we got into the line which was already surprisingly long, so I would suggest if you are trying to get a front-row seat, show up at least an hour early. I wasn’t worried about where we were placed because I feel like if there is a message that is needing to get to me, it will be delivered regardless of where I was seated. My grandmother was the one whom I would most want to hear from and she was always a very persistent lady that would get your attention if she wanted to, so I knew she would find a way if need be. Plus I have never been a fan of sitting in the front row, it makes me feel like I am right in the spotlight and I can’t watch the door like I often feel the need to.

We sat about three rows back, even though there were a couple of seats scattered throughout the first two rows if we wanted to break up our group but we were happy with our seats. Once all of the VIP people found their seats, Katrina, the vice president of John’s company took the stage to make announcements and fill everyone in their membership to Evolve that came with their VIP ticket purchase.

This was the part of the show that I didn’t expect, Katrina was hilarious. My daughter and I especially enjoyed her humor and haven’t stopped talking about that part of the show since. It was a very pleasant surprise, she made everyone feel at ease for the upcoming show and gave us a lot to laugh about. Another part of the crew working this event was Katrina’s grandmother who is the most adorable woman I have seen since my own grandmother and it was nice to hear stories about the two of them enjoying the road together. It reminded me of my own relationship with my grandmother, who was an amazingly incredible woman who passed away in 2016 from Alzheimer’s.

John Edward Psychic Medium Live

I think everyone that attends one of John Edwards events or any psychic medium for that matter, probably has a part of them that wants confirmation that there is more to this life than we know and that our loved ones are still with us. Even though I didn’t get a reading and my grandmother didn’t come through to tell me some secret that only she would know while attending the event, I left the event with a sense of peace about what happens after this life. Plus my family got to meet John and take a picture with him, we all enjoyed that part. It was nice to come face to face with someone I have watched on television my entire life and even better to see my mom get a picture with him since she is the one who introduced me to him when I was a kid.

John Edward Psychic Medium Live

A majority of the show is made up of audience members who were selected at random getting the amazing opportunity to ask whatever questions they have to John. This a lot of times, leads to readings of the person asking the question, the group who came with them, and even people behind or in front of the person called on. I learned a lot from the answers John gave and it was amazing to me how many times people asked the same questions that I would have asked if called on. At times the messages they were receiving from their loved ones were things that could have related to me as well. This according to John, is what is known as a parallel reading, which is when multiple people are getting a message at the same time, even if they aren’t the one standing with the mic, talking directly to John. This happened with almost every reading of the night for me, I have a piece of lattice on my porch that has a hole in it, I had a relative that passed away by suicide, and so did the people John called on to talk to, again and again, it was interesting, to say the least.

John Edward Psychic Medium Live

I would highly recommend everyone checking out John Edward live, whether you are a skeptic or a believer, John will surprise you and welcome you just the same. He even mentions this at the beginning of the show. He likes the thought process of a skeptic and wants you to really think, which I now understand more than ever after seeing him live and in person.

John Edward Psychic Medium Live

It is amazing to me how many people can’t seem to recognize the message they are getting delivered because they couldn’t confirm that their grandfather dying from something related to the chest was a heart attack or that his name was one that began with the letter J. Just like watching the readings on television I was really surprised by how many people couldn’t focus or connect the dots to move along their readings, it’s amazing how much patience John shows at times.

On the other hand, he is from New York and lets people know that at times, he acts like it too. I found that to be amusing as someone from New Jersey, who acts like it, yet lives in the midwest, it can be quite a struggle to communicate with people at times. It makes me wonder if the dead are actually easier to connect with, maybe I am in the wrong line of work, I wonder if Katrina needs an opening act, I would love to travel with that crew! You can tell they have fun with it and everyone at the show has a good time, despite the heavy moments that happen with the tragic losses people have experienced. It’s a nice way to get people who are grieving out of the house and let them know that life isn’t over when we die.

Check the John Edward website by clicking here to see when he will be in your area and see for yourself What it’s Really Like to See John Edward Live.

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Sunday 27th of August 2023

I saw in person with my family about 3 rows from the back in big auditorium. I've been extremely psychic myself since two with amazing stories, not just death. So my experience after years of watching on TV to maybe learn something, was to realize NO he is not authentic.

Towards the end he connected two families, one directly behind us and one in our row, way across on the other end by the wall. He had a whole story how a spirit said they were connected and didn't realize their families were related. They answered questions with no uncertain excitement. Those behind had not one word together when sat back down, expressionless, even when we looked back excited for them. He ended with a few more. I wanted to hang out awhile to see these families connect.

The family at other end left right away like beating the crowd. The family behind us sat and talked about where to go to dinner, kids activities the next day, just hanging out til crowd thinned. Not one word about show. We followed them out & nothing further, they were simply his staff. I wrote his contact email with no response. Prior they answered real fast about tour dates. I felt so dumb spending so much money.

Actual psychics just know things on a higher level with more information about everything, not only death. They see something in passing & know the whole back story, not realizing not everyone gets extra information.


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

It sounds like you had quite an interesting experience at the show although I am sorry to hear that you believe John Edward is not authentic. It's always disappointing when an event doesn't live up to our expectations, especially when we've had personal experiences that have shaped our perspective. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment.


Friday 26th of May 2023

Something happened to me and I have serious doubts now. I've known this guy for 12 years, in person. First time he read me was 12 years ago. I had a very tragic and serious loss that really devastated my life and still is doing that. I traveled downstate to a small group, 15 people, stayed overnight in the hotel.

So I was distraught and under doctor's care at this time. I don't remember what I said or did not say to the young woman at reception, I spoke to her a couple of times on the phone because I was bringing my service dog with me and we were making room arrangements to accommodate her presence so it wouldn't interfere with other hotel guests (although obviously she was highly trained). And this is the story:

An internet gaming friend of the person I lost (won't go into it here) called me before I left and told me she had "asked" my loved one to have John ask one question, which was: "Who is Lorraine, Lor"? (That was her gaming name, Lor, her real name is Lorraine). I don't think I told this to that young woman in reception but I can't be sure of that to be honest, I was in very bad shape emotionally. I know no one can reach this guy, they can't call him, email him, nothing. Kat is his "guard dog" and she does her job well. So Lorraine never shared this info with him or anyone on his team, I know that for certain because I've been read by him about 7 times so far, one in a private reading (on the phone). BUT:

He stood right next to me, small group of 15 remember and almost four hours. He said, "Who is Lor, Lorraine". And I took that to mean he was really communicating with my loved one, that she is still "with" me. Now I have doubts, because: he also mentioned that day the young woman in reception, he called her by name and asked me who she was. I'm thinking I might have told the young woman in reception about this question and that someone on his staff might have asked about people staying at the hotel who were attending and been given this information. Otherwise, why would he have brought up her name? She's not DEAD.

I am having very serious doubts about the survival of any "soul". In the past two years, my faith in god has complete vanished, can't get it back, and even my own lifelong psychic skills (which were quite impressive, I did it professionally) seem to me some sort of non local consciousness thing, a shared consciousness if you will, which is actually being proven by Quantum Physics at this point. I'm wondering how "real" this man is, I've watched literally hundreds of hours of his readings for about 25 years or more. I see the "tricks" he uses, they're obvious.

Was it real? I don't know and it's upsetting me now, so many years ago. I'm on Facebook and I'm no longer a member of "evolve' so they literally terminated my private group membership, for a lousy $100 a year. I don't think I trust him any more.


Wednesday 7th of June 2023

That sounds like quite an experience and I too wonder sometimes if we give up information without knowing it. Although experiencing this in person really makes your wonder how many people are giving up" information? It is quite a rollercoaster and if nothing else, this really helps a lot of us deal with the loss of loved ones so I feel like it has its place whether we believe or not. I wish you the best of luck on your healing journey and thank you for stopping by to share your story.


Friday 30th of August 2019

It sounds like you had a great time! I have never heard of him before. I will definitely check him out!


Thursday 29th of August 2019

Looks like you had wonderful time. I didn't know about John Edward thanks for introducing him. I will check it out his website.

Shannon Gurnee

Thursday 29th of August 2019

It sounds like you had an amazing time. I've never been to anything like this before.

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