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Upcycled Organizers for Your Office

My office is a mess lately! Keeping all of my things organized is a bit of a challenge. I have tons of pens,pencils,markers, and scissors all over the place. I have decided to make an attempt to get it organized and add a pop of color while not spending a dime. Sounds crazy, right? Well it’s not and it is really easy to do. Instead of recycling those cans or worse, throwing them away, use them for storage!


All you need is a few cans, some paper, scissors, a glue stick and you are well on your way to getting organized!


Pick your own colors and typed of paper, after all this is for your office. Get the kids in on the fun, this could be a great way to get them into keeping their spaces neat. My daughter had a blast creating her own designs on blank paper.

So it’s pretty simple, you may already be ahead of me crafting away. So I will keep the details to a minimum, clean out a can being sure to remove the label, cut some paper that will fit your can, decorate it how you want and then glue it to the can. It really is that simple.


I love labels and used different colored paper to make the label really stand out on my can which leaves no excuses for mixing up office supplies anymore.


Make a bunch of them and use them all over the house, just imagine the possibilities!

How did your project turn out? Tell me about it!

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Saturday 24th of January 2015

these would be cute gifts for teachers! your idea gave me an idea! Maybe wrap them with different colored yarn :)


Monday 1st of December 2014

This is a great idea for cans. I love to organize and I think after dinner I will start tonight!

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