Decorate like The Big Bang Theory

If you have ever watched the show The Big Bang Theory, you have probably noticed a few cool items in the show that would be fun to have in your home.

Decorate Like the Big Bang Theory

I have always been interested in the designs used in my favorite television shows and with online shopping, it has never been easier to replicate the decorations used in the characters homes.

big bang theory cast

You may not be able to have a friend like Sheldon Cooper but you can certainly create a space that will even make someone as picky as him comfortable when you decorate like The Big Bang Theory. 

One item that always stands out when I watch this show is Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover on the end table, right next to Sheldon’s spot on the sofa.



This is an easy addition to any home decor because of the vibrant colors it should fit in even if you don’t want to completely overhaul your home to achieve this look.

Sometimes when nobody is using the couch you may find a globe just sitting on the couch, it’s never a bad idea to have a globe around your home and you can get one pretty cheap, here. 

big bang theory5


Another easy way to make your home more like the set of The Big Bang Theory is random super hero posters and especially the Rock Em Sock Em Robots Poster seen on the door in almost every episode.

Of course if you are really committed to replicating this look you will need a maple bookshelf  to house your books needed to prove Leonard wrong at any given time.



The main living room in the show is home to Leonard and Sheldon but Raj’s house has a telescope much like the one seen in his friend’s living room because no scientist can feel complete without one of these.

Plus you may actually get some use out of it and your kids may be inspired to be an astronaut like Walowitz.

Adding a few of these items to your home a little at a time will be worth every penny, penny, penny.

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