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DIY Projects with Flex Seal

During the Fall, I love to spend time outside in my backyard with friends and family. We enjoy sitting around the fire while the kids roast marshmallows.

The weather right now is perfect for enjoying our outdoor space so I decided to add a pop of color with Flex Seal before our next gathering.

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Outdoor Space Inspiration

This is the perfect time for you to add a pop of color to your space too because, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Flex Seal is offering a limited edition can of PINK Flex Seal.


For every can of PINK Flex Seal sold during the month of October, $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Adding a Pop of Color with FlexSeal

My outdoor space was gray and plain, not very welcoming. I added a pop of color with Flex Seal, which is great for both indoor and outdoor projects.

I wanted a bright noticeable difference throughout my space so I used a blue Flex Seal.

Flex Seal After

I left the bottom of our fire pit black and I think that really brings out the bright blue color. We never use the lid when burning so I wasn’t worried about a fire hazard but I strongly recommend not using a flammable product near an open flame.

I also added some color to the legs of the tables, a tray for drinks, and the top of a decorative bowl, giving it an ombre effect. I found that out mid-spray, it turns out that if you spray the top of a curved item it will hit all of the right places and leave a nice fade at the bottom.

Flexseal Before

Everything looked so dark and dreary before but after adding the color it really changed the look and feel of the whole space.

Flex Seal Crafts

Another fun idea that I had mid-project, was spraying down my old brick path that leads to the gate. It was really faded and boring, practically screaming for a makeover.

Spray Paint Craft

I pulled the grass patches out, swept them off, and then added a much-needed coat of Flex seal.

Flex Seal Project

I added some white hearts to random squares and hung up some old chargers on the fence. I sprayed black, white, and blue lines on them and added a heart. I really think that little touches like this make the space feel more welcoming.

To insure you apply Flex Seal correctly follow the below steps:

1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

2. Shake well and spray using even sweeping motion.

3. Spray a larger area than area where the leak is and feather the edges

4. Let it dry completely (may take up to 24-48hrs to cure)

5.Apply several even coats until all the cracks and holes have been filled.
*For best results, apply several coats rather than one thick coat.

I can think of a million projects to use Flex Seal for and I want to hear your creative ideas,too! Enter below for your chance to win a grab bag of Flex Seal colors and be sure to comment with your creative ideas!

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Friday 6th of November 2015

My Dad has several different cans of Flex Seal, and I have no clue what he uses them for. I will have to ask him.


Thursday 29th of October 2015

I love adding decorative lights.


Friday 30th of October 2015

I do too and was thinking about creating a few projects that will light up my back porch!

Leah Shumack

Thursday 29th of October 2015

I love the idea of doing the brick path! I have a little patio section in my backyard with bricks down that would look so nice with some color on it!


Thursday 29th of October 2015

I was thrilled how the bricks turned out, I love the way the blue looks.

Dawn Hecke

Thursday 29th of October 2015

I'd use it to redo my lawn chairs.


Thursday 29th of October 2015

That's a great idea! I am going to do my lawn chairs as well. I am thinking the Flex Seal pink would be great!

Wendy Pesce

Thursday 29th of October 2015

I would use some different colors and paint some planters to add more color to my yard


Thursday 29th of October 2015

I am planning on doing all of my mix matched planters to make them look like a set, just not sure what color yet, so many choices!

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