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April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

April Fools Day is coming and it is on April 2nd this year so we need to start getting ready to pull off practical jokes and funny pranks that our kids will enjoy.

April Fools Day Pranks for Kids


Obviously I am kidding about the date this funny holiday falls on but that could be a fun joke to play on your kids. Try to convince them April Fools Day is actually on the 2nd and when they don’t believe you, just bring up this page on your browser and show them, kids are more likely to believe the internet than their parents, unfortunately.

When you decide to work with the kids instead of against them, these April Fools Day Pranks for Kids are sure to make this a fun and memorable day for the whole family.

Trick Dad

These pranks are great for tricking dad and the kids will love being able to get in on the fun!

Light-Hearted: Bake a rectangle or square cake and decorate it with icing. Then decorate a small box with the same icing while making it look like the real cake you baked. Serve yourself and the kids the real thing and watch the show as dad tries to bite into his but don’t be too obvious, he may catch on.

Extreme: The kids can keep dad busy while mom goes outside and moves his car down the street. When he gets ready to leave for work, he will think his car has been stolen. When he comes back inside, everyone can be waiting to yell April Fools!

Trick Mom: 

These pranks are great to play on mom but be careful as a mom I can be certain that she will retaliate.

Light-Hearted: Tape down the sprayer on your sink or use a rubber band, depending on the type of sprayer you have. Wait patiently, the next time she turns on the sink, it will spray her right in the face. It’s just water anyway!

Extreme: Replace her deodorant with cream cheese. It’s really simple to pop the chunk of deodorant out fill with cream cheese. It doesn’t have a strong odor so she shouldn’t be able to figure it out until she feels that sticky, gooey substance under her arms. April Fools Day Pranks for Kids


Tricking the Kids is an everyday thing around my house, I am always joking with my daughter and pulling pranks on her so being able to come together and prank others on this day is a nice change of pace for us.

Remember with all pranks to use your best judgement because some people handle pranks better than others.There may be repercussions to pulling off these pranks and I am not liable but you certainly are, so be careful!