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DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

This is DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage Upcycle is part of a sponsored post,  I have received these items in exchange for my honest opinion through a partnership with as well as Stencil Revolution. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click them, I make a little money, at no additional cost to you.

While out with my husband, hitting the local citywide garage sales, I come across a lot of cool containers that I just can’t pass up. Especially when they are antique, airtight, spacious, and only cost three dollars.  When I bought this one, I didn’t have a plan for it right away but I knew inspiration would strike at the right time, and that time has come.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

The only problem with this container when I purchased it was the rust that began forming on the lid. I didn’t want this container to continue to deteriorate, I wanted to bring it back to life, let it serve a purpose again.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

So I decided that although I loved the color and even the writing on the bottom, I needed to paint it. I grabbed a bright spray paint and gave it a nice, thick layer to protect it as well as add a fresh look to it.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

I then grabbed my stencils and started sketching out the patterns I wanted on my bird seed container.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

I then busted out the white acrylic paint, something I can not seem to have too much of. That goes for spray paint too actually, I use more spray paint than most gang members, I just love the new look a fresh coat of paint can give.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

I then filled in the letters with some white paint.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

Once the paint was completely dry, I poured my bag of bird seed into this decorative bird seed storage container.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

I also decided to add another cute element to my Upcycled Bird Seed Container using another stencil in the shape of New Jersey, where I grew up. I don’t know what it is about growing up in New Jersey that makes people feel so much pride that they constantly talk about it but we do so I decided to bring a little Jersey to my decor, too.

DIY Decorative Bird Seed Storage

I love the way this bird seed container came out, it’s a fun upcycle that brought an old rusty item back to life and it not only serves the purpose of holding my bird seed but it also adds a nice decorative touch to my home.

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Sarah Oswald

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

I would love to make something similar to this to store my car food in i stead of the bag thanks for sharing it I love it!

Stephanie Kennedy

Monday 14th of January 2019

Great idea. I use a little metal trashcan for my birdseed.

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