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Homemade Miracle Grow for Your Garden

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My garden this year can only be described as delightful.

I have never used that word to describe anything before but it really is the perfect way to describe my garden.

If you google the word, the definition pops up as de·light·ful-causing delight; charming.

“a delightful secluded garden”

It’s even more perfect than I knew, although I am still working on the secluded part. Thankfully as things in my garden grow taller, my neighbors are becoming less visible.

The Benefits of Using Homemade Miracle Grow 

Here in Iowa, our gardening season is much shorter than I would like so I use this homemade miracle grow to make the most of the gardening season. 

I have been pretty lucky this year because I have a ton of colorful flowers that are bursting with new blooms daily and I can credit those colorful, full plants to this Homemade Miracle Grow Recipe. 

All of my fruit and vegetable plants are looking super healthy and already starting to produce delicious homegrown food. 

How to Make Homemade Miracle Grow 

Mix these ingredients and pour onto plants as you would normally use Miracle Grow, for me and my garden, this is about every 7-14 days.

This is the recommended amount of use for traditional miracle grow that you can buy at the store so I apply the same guidelines that I have read on the box.

I would also recommend keeping an eye on your plants and noticing differences, this is a great way to determine which plants may need more care than others. 

Does this Homemade Miracle Grow Keep Mosquitos Away? 

No. This homemade miracle grow does not keep mosquitoes away but luckily I have found some other ways to keep those pesky bugs away. I can only stand them for a few minutes without needing to slather myself in that poisonous bug spray. You know, the kind that so many people are trying to avoid these days.

I get why some people are against it, it is not without its own dangers but I will spray poison on myself to avoid torture anytime.

I am all for using natural and homemade stuff for my family when it works but in this case, a spritz of vanilla or essential oils, will not keep the mosquitoes away from me.

Maybe in your perfect little life where your hair doesn’t frizz and your weight doesn’t fluctuate the mosquitoes aren’t as ruthless but here in Ikeepsitrealville, those little fellas are relentless.

What Will Keep Mosquitoes Out of the Garden?

I would love to have a natural, organic solution to this problem but I have not found an effective one just yet.

I have been testing out different things in hopes of creating a working DIY Mosquito Repellent but so far I haven’t had any luck.

Another trick to keep the mosquitoes away or at least deter them from your garden area is to plant mosquito-repelling plants. These plants will significantly improve your garden experience as they naturally deter those pesky bugs and it’s an easy homemade type of way to keep them at bay. 

Although I haven’t been able to replace everything in my home with homemade things, I try to go organic when it makes sense, use fewer chemicals when possible, and create my own homemade versions of things I would usually buy.

This way I can see what goes into the product and in this case, I like knowing the ingredients that make up my homemade miracle grow since it goes into my plants, of course, I want the best.

What Else Can Help Encourage Blooms? 

There are many different household items that can help encourage blooms in the garden and improve your soil. Using a composter is always a good way to reduce waste while churning out high-quality soil that will help your plants thrive.

I also have been known to add eggshells, coffee grinds, banana peels, and fish to my plants.

Some people add ammonia to their homemade miracle grow recipes but I have read conflicting reports on the effectiveness and have even read in some articles that it has been reported to have killed plants, I just don’t want to take the chance.

For now, I will stick with this Homemade Miracle Grow Recipe and continue to watch my garden in delight.

Check out my Whimsical Garden Tour and see why I am enjoying this delightful garden so much. 

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Kathy Mitchell

Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Your recipe doesn't have amonia like others do. Reason for that? I'll try this today because I don't have amonia on hand.


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

There really is no reason other than that this is the recipe I have used for quite some time. I never thought to add ammonia and it may just be as simple as I didn't have it on hand. :) Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and trying the recipe.


Wednesday 5th of January 2022

This is so simple I have to try it on my plants. Much less expensive too!

The Most Effective Mosquito Repelling Plants - ThirtySomethingSuperMom

Monday 28th of June 2021

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Antoinette M

Saturday 9th of June 2018

I am definitely trying this. Thanks!

Dana Rodriguez

Saturday 9th of June 2018

I love this idea! I had no idea how to make my own. Thanks!