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Tips for Making a Bucket List for Dogs

Tips for Creating a Bucket List for Dogs

With the fresh start that the new year provides I am going to take advantage and do something that will not only benefit myself but it will benefit my dog as well. I am making a bucket list for dogs and I encourage you to do the same for your dog as well.

I love being able to do things for my dog, Mugsy but as ashamed as I am to admit it, I take him for granted often. Life can get pretty busy and with constant errands to run, meals to cook, and work to do, there have been days where I barely say hi to Mugsy, let alone give him the attention he deserves.

Tips for making a bucket list for dogs.

I have been a vet tech, a pet groomer, and worked in animal rescue for most of my life so I have come in contact with many pets and their owners. I have learned from my experience that I am not alone when I say I take my pet for granted. Unfortunately this is really easy to do and that is the inspiration behind the Bucket List for Dogs.

Make this the year that you bond with your dog, spoil them like they deserve, take the best care of them that you can, and enjoy each moment with them as you never know when the last one will sneak up on you.

Bucket List for Dogs

When creating your Bucket List for Dogs keep in mind what your pet enjoys doing but also remember to not set yourself up for failure. If you make unrealistic promises, although your pet may not be aware it will only lead to you giving up on your bucket list for dogs altogether and put you back into the same old routine again before you know it.

Creating the Bucket list is only the beginning, so be sure to set goals you can actually reach, plus remember this is supposed to be a fun experience for you and your pet!

  • Go for Regular Walks-This doesn’t have to be several walks a day, you can set a goal for 1 walk per day. Once you have that set in your schedule to where it becomes a habit you can attempt to add more walks in as a bonus each day or just on the weekends, whatever works for your schedule. It’s a good idea to pick up a bag dispenser that connects to the leash to be sure that you can easily clean up after your pet when necessary.
  • Socialize with Other Dogs– If you don’t have the cash to send your pet to doggy day care don’t sweat it. Head to the dog park or just bring your pet to a local pet store that allows dogs and it won’t be long before he is making friends. Some shelters will allow you to just visit and bring your pet along at the same time, be sure to call ahead and clear this with the staff as well as have vaccine paperwork available to prove their is no risk to the shelter pets. Be sure to have a strong leash and collar for your pet when heading to a place where they may need to be restrained due to over excitement.
  • Go for a Ride-I have never been a fan of those people who head to a restaurant with their dogs only to leave them in the car, barking at strangers that walk by. Those people deserve a note on their car at least and sometimes deserve to have the cops called on them for pet abuse. This mental image keeps me from bringing my dog almost anywhere unless the destination is specifically for him. He loves riding in the car and I run errands constantly so a way to make us both happy is to take him on short trips that won’t have him left in the car while I go grocery shopping or eat lunch. Instead when taking a quick trip to drop my daughter off at school or when I run to the bank to make a deposit or go through the pharmacy drive thru I will bring Mugsy along. I will also make an attempt to take a scenic drive through the park on nice days just for the purpose of letting him get a fun ride once a week. If you are worried about the mess pets can leave behind in your car you can pick up a waterproof protective liner here.
  • Cook a Special Meal or Treats- A lot of people are under the misconception that feeding your dog human food is terrible for their health. This is true for certain foods, there are many foods you should not give dogs as it can make them sick or even be fatal but their are plenty of foods that are not only safe for your pet but actually have health benefits as well. Cooking your dog an extra piece of meat like chicken, beef, or turkey when you are already cooking dinner is an easy way to incorporate this into your daily life. Another easy and safe way to feed your dog something special is to make homemade dog treats, you can find a great recipe here that is both safe for your pet and K-9 Approved.

Tips for making a bucket list for dogs.

Regular Grooming– Dogs do not require daily baths like humans do but they can get pretty stinky in between their grooming appointments or at home spa days. You can pick up a dry shampoo to keep your pet smelling fresh and when your pet could really use a good clean, use these tips from a pet groomer to make sure you are doing a thorough job.

Watch a Movie- Obviously the movie part is more for the owner than the dog but this activity does benefit your pet as well. This is a good chance for your pet to get some much needed snuggles and attention.  Sit next to your dog and pet him throughout the movie, they won’t mind that you are sharing your focus with a movie, they will appreciate the snuggle time. You can even pick a movie that may prompt your dog to interact due to the animal noises, if your dog is anything like Mugsy the movies Underdog, Homeward Bound, and Marmaduke will have him looking at the television too.

I hope these tips for creating a Bucket List for Dogs help you spend more time with your dog this year. One thing I can promise is that you will never regret spending time with your dog, it will always be cathartic to both you and your pet. Let me know what some of your favorite ways to spend time with your dog are by commenting below.

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Farrah Less G.

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

I am a cat pet owner I think I can work on this list for my cat :) But I am planning to adopt a dog hopefully this year. I'll keep this in my bookmark just because it is so helpful.


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

i'm thinking of getting a dog so this is a great list! your dog in particular looks so happy and i can understand why!


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

What a cute list.. Yes, yes yes. Our dogs need more socialization and more of a life. These are fun things to do for them. I love it. What a cute dog you have.

Jennifer Siegler

Tuesday 10th of January 2017

I walk my dog 3 to 4 times a day. He loves it! There are other neighborhood dogs that I think he is friends with (wild tail wagging when he sees them). Honestly, I feed my dog people food, and he likes beef and chicken with his kibble. I just make sure to watch the salt. Thank you for sharing this post. You made a dog parent here so happy.


Monday 9th of January 2017

These are some good bucket list and I have to do better about the baking the treats and more walks. Its hard to get walks in when you working late and its now cold, but I got to do better.

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