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Lemon Cake with Creamy Lemon Filling

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Every year for my brothers birthday, when we are able to get together, I make him a lemon cake at his request. This year he described exactly what he wanted and at first I was really skeptical that anyone besides him would enjoy the non traditional flavors he was requesting.


So instead of taking lots of photos while baking his lemon cake, as I usually do, I decided this cake would never see be seen by anyone other than those lucky enough to celebrate his birthday at my home.

That was until I tasted this cake and was blown away by how moist and delicious it was! This truly is the best lemon cake I have ever made or tasted in my life.


lemon cake with lemon filling

When he first began describing what he wanted me to make he basically said he wanted a lemon cake with some sort of lemon glaze which at that point sounded pretty normal although I have never been a big fan of lemon cake before I knew it would be edible.

He then said that he wanted strawberries on top and that is where he lost me. At that point, I was sure that he would be the only one eating this cake.

I baked the lemon cake in two round 8 inch cake pans according to the directions on the box. Once the cake was done baking, I allowed them to cool and then added the lemon pie filling to the top of one circle lemon cake. Next, I added the other lemon cake on top.

I then iced the entire cake with buttercream frosting and sliced fresh strawberries. I added the slices of strawberries to the entire top and sides of the lemon cake.

lemon cake with lemon filling

I attempted to write happy birthday on the cake with white icing but that didn’t go over as well as planned. It kind of ran off the cake and after being refrigerated for a few hours it was completely unreadable.

Nobody seemed to mind how funky the lemon cake looked once they tried it and after hearing how good it was, I had to try a piece for myself. It turns out, I love lemon cake with strawberries on top and the lemon filling makes a huge difference in the texture of the cake as well as the flavor.

lemon cake with lemon filling

My brother may be on to something with his odd creations, I may have to get more input from him on the desserts I bake, who knows he may have a viral recipe rattling around in that brain of his.

lemon cake with lemon filling

Have you ever been surprised by the outcome of a non traditional recipe? I would love to hear about what foods you enjoy that sound really weird but turned out awesome, like this lemon cake.

By the way, he loved his birthday gift! I am so excited because it may be the first time I ever bought him a gift that he actually wanted and didn’t expect.

lemon cake with lemon filling

Lemon Cake with Creamy Lemon Filling


  • 1 Lemon Cake Mix
  • Eggs, Oil, Water according to cake mix instructions
  • 1 Container of Buttercream Frosting
  • 1 Can of Lemon Pie Filling
  • About 10 Strawberries


  1. Bake the cake according to the instructions on the box in 2 8 inch cake pans. Once cake has cooled add the lemon pie filling to the top of one of the round cakes. Top that cake with the other cake and frost both of the cakes with buttercream frosting. Cut up strawberries in slices and add to the sides and top of the cake. Refrigerate for a few hours for best results.

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Wednesday 8th of February 2017

I love lemon bars. My mom used to make them when I was a kid and they were awesome! This cake looks amazing!


Sunday 5th of February 2017

Lemon always has that fresh taste that excites my palate and it pairs so well with fresh fruit, be it strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. I love pizza and always try different flavor combinations. A recent pie I made had roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions, apple slices, bacon, smoked cheddar, gorgonzola, fried sage leaves and shaved pecorino romano. Both my wife and I loved it...The boys, not so much!


Sunday 1st of January 2017

That lemon cake surely looks beautiful and delicious. I love the wonderful color of the contrast and the sliced strawberries on top. I can almost imagine the tart taste. Yum!

Censie Sawyer

Friday 30th of December 2016

We are a family who LOVES lemon flavored desserts. I have never done a cake like this but I know if I did it would be a hit with the whole family. Sounds so refreshing and looks super easy to make too. I love the combination of Strawberries and Lemon too.

Toni |

Friday 30th of December 2016

First of all, what a fabulous sister you are to deliver his every wish in the form of a birthday cake every year! I LOVE the flavors in this cake! Lemon cake is great but when you described the lemon pie filling? I think I need one for my birthday too!

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