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Blueberry Refrigerator Cake

Indulge in the sweet symphony of flavors with this delightful Blueberry Refrigerator Cake. While the cake layer does need to be baked, distinguishing it from a traditional blueberry icebox cake, this extra step brings a unique texture and depth of flavor that sets our creation apart.

Elevate your dessert experience by incorporating the freshness of blueberries and learn how to make blueberry filling for cake, creating a treat that’s not only delicious but also perfect for keeping in the fridge all week long.

Blueberry Refrigerator Cake

Blueberry Icebox Cake Ingredients

Vanilla Cake Mix: The backbone of our dessert, a quality vanilla cake mix provides a delicious and versatile base, ensuring a perfect texture for the layers.

Butter or Margarine: Used for greasing the cake pans, butter or margarine ensures an easy release, preventing the cake from sticking and maintaining its perfect form.

Blueberries: The star ingredient, fresh blueberries bring a burst of fruity sweetness and vibrant color to both the cake and the delectable blueberry filling.

Sugar: A key component in the blueberry mixture, sugar sweetens and helps create the desired jelly-like consistency, balancing the tartness of the blueberries.

Honey: Adding a layer of complexity to the blueberry mixture, honey imparts a rich sweetness and contributes to the overall depth of flavor.

Whipped Cream (Optional): For those who love extra indulgence, whipped cream can be used as a delightful topping, adding a light and airy texture to each heavenly bite.

Graham Crackers (Optional): If you’re feeling adventurous, graham crackers can be layered within the cake for added texture and a subtle hint of honey flavor, creating a delightful variation that resembles an icebox cake.

These carefully selected ingredients come together to create a harmonious blend of flavors and textures in the Blueberry Refrigerator Cake, making it a delightful and refreshing treat for any occasion.

The standout feature of this cake is undoubtedly the luscious blueberry filling. Not only does it complement the cake impeccably, but it also doubles as a versatile and long-lasting jelly, making it a delightful addition to your refrigerated dessert repertoire.

How to Make the Cake Layers

Preheat and Prep: Begin by preheating your oven to 375 degrees. Grease two round cake pans with butter or margarine, ensuring a perfect release once baked.

Wayfair Cake

Mixing the Batter: Choose your favorite vanilla cake mix and follow the package instructions, incorporating ingredients like oil and eggs for that ideal texture. Feel free to experiment, but a classic vanilla base works wonders.

How to make blueberry filling for cake

Baking Perfection: Pour the batter into the prepared pans and bake according to the cake mix instructions, typically around 23 minutes for round pans. Watch as your kitchen fills with the tempting aroma of baking goodness.

How to make blueberry filling for cake

How to Make Blueberry Filling for Cake

Simmering Perfection: While the cakes are in the oven, make the blueberry filling for the cake.

In a pot, combine sugar, honey, and fresh blueberries. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium, stirring until it transforms into a jelly-like consistency.

Cooling Gracefully: Once the desired consistency is achieved, remove the pot from the stove and allow the mixture to cool completely.

For a quicker cooldown, place it in the fridge, intensifying the anticipation for this blueberry refrigerator cake.

how to make blueberry filling for cake

Assembling Your Masterpiece

Cooling the Cakes: After baking, let the cakes cool in the pans for approximately 20 minutes. This patience ensures a flawless transition from pan to plate.

Building Layers: Place one cake on a cake stand, preparing it to be adorned with the exquisite blueberry filling.

How to make blueberry filling for cake

Blueberry Cascade: Spread the blueberry filling from the center outward, allowing it to gracefully envelop the cake. Exercise caution, as too much can lead to a delightful but messy overflow.

Blueberry Refrigerator Cake

Refrigerator Cake vs. Icebox Cake: Unraveling the Differences

When delving into the world of chilled desserts, it’s common to encounter the terms “Refrigerator Cake” and “Icebox Cake.” Despite their apparent interchangeability, these terms carry subtle distinctions, particularly when considering our Blueberry Refrigerator Cake, which uniquely involves initial baking before embracing the refrigerator for optimal serving.

Both Refrigerator and Icebox Cakes share a fundamental trait—their dependence on the chilling process to develop and enrich flavors. This cool treatment transforms them into refreshing indulgences, making them ideal for warm days or when a cold treat is on the menu.

Whether crafting an Icebox Cake with layered cookies or our Blueberry Refrigerator Cake with a baked base, the scope for flavor experimentation remains vast. Both categories offer limitless possibilities, accommodating various tastes and preferences.

Embrace the season’s bounty by creating this sumptuous Blueberry Icebox Cake. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth throughout the week, this dessert is a testament to the delicious synergy of fresh blueberries and a classic vanilla base.

Easily whip up this blueberry refrigerator cake and treat yourself to a slice of pure indulgence.

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Blueberry Refrigerator Cake
Yield: 12 Pieces

Blueberry Refrigerator Cake

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

This blueberry refrigerator cake combines the flavors of sweet blueberries with vanilla to create a decadent and delicious cake.


  • 2 Cups of Fresh Blueberries
  • 1 Cup of Honey
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 1 Box Vanilla Cake Mix (as well as eggs, oil, water following cake mix instructions)
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Maraschino Cherries (optional) for decoration purposes
  • Whipped Topping (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Grease 2 round pans
  3. Prepare cake as directed in the instructions.
  4. Let cake cool while preparing blueberry filling.
  5. While the cakes are baking make the blueberry mixture so it has time to cool. Add the sugar, honey, and blueberries to a pot, heat to boil then immediately turn down and continue to cook on medium. Stir while the mixture is heating up and becoming a jelly type consistency. Once the desired consistency has been reached, remove from stove and allow to cool completely. To speed this process up, pop it in the fridge to bring the temp down faster. Cook and stir until a jelly forms (about 10 minutes) Let cool.
  6. Add one cake to a cake stand and add blueberry filling.
  7. Add other cake to the top and ice the cake with vanilla frosting.
  8. Add blueberries and cherries as a garnish.


If fresh blueberries aren't in season, you can use a can of blueberry pie filling to speed up the process and achieve a similar flavor.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 344Total Fat 2gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 1gCholesterol 0mgSodium 325mgCarbohydrates 82gFiber 1gSugar 64gProtein 2g

The nutrition in recipes is caluculate by AI, mistakes happen. It is highly recommended to check carb counts to make sure these recipes fit into your diet.

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Tammy Woodall

Monday 4th of July 2016

This Blueberry Refrigerator Cake would be perfect for the 4th of July. It looks so delicious.


Monday 27th of June 2016

I have always preferred cake to pie because there are so many great things you can do to make a cake unique.

Jay Simms

Sunday 29th of May 2016

That looks very delicious. I love putting fresh blueberries or strawberries on my cakes. This would be perfect to have on the 4th of July.

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Sunday 29th of May 2016

This looks like anytime goodness to me! Nom Nom Nom


Friday 27th of May 2016

This looks amazing and very festive. I love blueberries so it's my favorite part of the cake too!

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