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Creative Punishments for Tweens

When I was a kid the typical punishment was being grounded which meant you were not to leave the house and sometimes you were not even allowed to leave your room. Things have changed quite a bit since those days because most tweens don’t even want to go outside.

It’s impossible to get my daughter out of the house without an argument or a bribe because all of the fun stuff is inside the house so telling her she can’t leave is more of a reward than punishment.

In order to teach her a lesson I have had to get pretty creative with my punishments and I am a firm believer that every punishment should fit the offense so keep that in mind when selecting a creative punishment to teach your tween a lesson.

Thumbs down 

Thumbs down their favorite songs in Pandora, it seems cruel and unusual but that is just the kind of thing that will make them think twice about what they have done. Plus Pandora has come a long way since when it first came out, there is a way to recover the thumbs down songs and fix them but it takes time that most kids do not want to put in, so it is both entertaining for the parent and a memorable lesson for the kids.


Instagram Takeover

We have all heard of Instagram takeovers that boost traffic to your account but this is a different kind of takeover. Mom & dad can take selfies and post pics of the messy room their kid has neglected to clean, the dirty dishes piled up in the sink that the kids have refused to wash or whatever they feel will teach their kid a lesson with this creative punishment.

Change Wifi Password 

Changing the WIFI password and then hiding the new password at the bottom of a laundry basket is a great way to have your kids earn it back. Once they finish their chores they will discover the password and realize that a little hard work pays off. This creative punishment will not only teach a lesson but it will help get some chores done,too!

Skype their Friends 

Embarrassment really works and when your tween is acting up, skype their friends so they have a front row seat to the meltdown. Your tween is less likely to throw a fit in front of their friends and sometimes (if they have chosen the right friends) their friends may talk some sense into them.

Cancel Netflix

When your kids really needs some time to think about what they have done, forbidding them to watch their favorite shows may not be good enough. A lot of older kids are left home alone so there is nothing stopping them from entertaining themselves since they are more than likely armed with the password, when you are not home. Canceling Netflix for a month will give them plenty of time to think about how they can improve their attitude or whatever the lesson is that they need to learn.

Flip Phone

Most parents equip their kids with a phone for safety reasons so it easy for non parents to tell you to just take the phone away when your tween needs a punishment but that only makes us parents worry when they aren’t home. So the only logical thing to do is give them a flip phone instead. Dig through your office for your old phones or pick one up at your local thrift store and force your kids to use an old school flip phone instead of the tiny computers they are used to carrying around.

Since the times have changed, the punishments need to as well. Why not use technology to your advantage and try some of these creative punishments to teach your tween a lesson?


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Dr. K. Lee Banks

Friday 18th of August 2017

My kids are adults now and some of them have kids! I do know this "tween" age is a good time to establish rules and guidelines that will help them as they enter their teens and twenties. Far too many young people in these age ranges have such a sense of entitlement, and no respect for authority, so I'm all for firm and creative forms of correction that will reinforce "lessons of life," as my Dad used to call them.

Jennifer Seigler

Friday 18th of August 2017

My kids are not yet in the tween age but these scenarios are something I may consider when that time comes. Raising kids in the digital age is tough. We practically have to pry their devices from their hands. Changing the wifi password would be a good idea, but I would run out of password ideas if I have to do that everyday. I think I would just keep on training them and teaching them that there are rules to follow so we do not have to resort to punishment.


Friday 18th of August 2017

Hilarious. In this day and age, if I were a tween being punished, the change wifi password would definitely hurt me the most. LOL. I would do anything to earn it back and never have it taken away again. growing up, this was not an issue at all. :-) Kids (and us adults) no longer like to feel "disconnected" from the virtual world.

tina Butler

Thursday 17th of August 2017

LOL we have done taking the phone away, changing the wifi password and earning it back. Changing it daily in the summer works real well where they have to do all chores and get the new wifi password after they are completed. My daughter is 17 and freaked out at the flip phone punishment. She shaped up real quick.

Lisa Favre

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Cancelling Netflix would be a big enough punishment even for me! These are really fantastic ideas for punishing teens - especially because they seem so attached to their devices nowadays. And I am totally up for the flip phone idea... yes!