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Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

I am so excited about the warmer weather ahead and it has me thinking about the beach which has inspired me to create this Strawberry Kissed Peach Daiquiri.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

When I was little my favorite place to go was the beach.

I loved building sand castles, playing games with the waves, and eating sandwiches that actually tasted like they had a layer of sand in them.

I remember my grandfather warning me a million times to watch my sandwich because the seagulls were clocking me and waiting to pounce just before they would swoop down to steal it from me.

I liked feeding them anyway.

One of my favorite beaches was located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

I remember the time that my dad took my sister and I there one evening when I was about 9 years old.

That fun visit is when I tasted a frozen daiquiri for the first time, of course, it did not have alcohol in it but I felt so grown up with a fancy glass and frozen drink.

My sister ordered a Pina Colada and I decided to try a Strawberry Daquiri.

We thought we were so cool sipping on our virgin cocktails that looked like the real thing.

Ever since that fun time at Seaside Heights, I have always associated a delicious daiquiri with a fun time at the beach.

Since the weather is about to be heating up I decided to create my own Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri Recipe to enjoy while thinking about the fun that this time of year brings.

This Daiquiri can be made with or without alcohol, it tastes great with both.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

The first step in creating this Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri is to chop off the hulls of strawberries.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Then roughly chop and peel a peach or use frozen peaches if you prefer.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

When using frozen you don’t need to add any ice to this recipe.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

This is a fun recipe because everyone can be included, whether you are an alcohol drinker or not, this is a tasty treat that is perfect for the Summer.

Another fun element to this recipe is being able to use my cocktail glasses and decanter that is usually put away and only taken out for special occasions.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Add the peaches and strawberries to the blender.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Next, add the rum and if using fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit, add in the ice as well.

Blend until completely combined.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Garnish your Strawberry Kissed Peach Daiquiri with peach slices and/or strawberries.

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Serve your guests and Enjoy!

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri

Strawberry Kissed Peach Frozen Daiquiri


  • 1 Cup of Peach Slices
  • 6 Strawberries
  • 4 ounces of Rum
  • If using fresh fruit, add in a 1/2 cup of ice to the blender.


  1. Blend all ingredients until well combined.
  2. Garnish with fruit and serve immediately.

Nutrition Information

Amount Per Serving Calories 598Total Fat 3gCarbohydrates 81gProtein 7g

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Jessica Smith

Wednesday 10th of March 2021

Are the strawberry seeds not noticeable in this? do they not need to be strained out?


Thursday 11th of March 2021

I use a high-powered blender and don't even notice the seeds. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Cherri Megasko

Monday 26th of March 2018

Peach is one of my favorite sweet food flavors. And who doesn't appreciate a good frozen daiquiri every once in a while? I usually don't make them at home, but with this recipe you reminded me of how easy it is to whip one up.

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