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How to Make the Best Grilled Onions


Every time there is a special occasion around my house we celebrate by cooking on the grill and no meal cooked on the grill is complete without these grilled onions that make the perfect side dish!

The first time I have ever tried these grilled onions, it was completely against my will. I refused to try them and insisted that I am just not an onion person. Although eventually, I gave into my husband because he really seemed to know what he was talking about, I was certain that I would not like the taste of these grilled onions so I eagerly awaited being able to prove him wrong.

It is extremely hard for me to do this, mainly because I am almost always right, but I had to admit after trying them that my husband was right, these grilled onions were amazing! 

After trying them I was also now on a journey to let everyone who claimed to not be an onion person try them just so I could get the satisfaction of proving them wrong.

That is kind of a crappy thing to do but we as people freaking love to be right for some reason.

If you have a friend that hates onions, you have to make this for them and force them to try it or if you are the one who hates onions it still sets you up for the satisfaction of proving someone wrong because I swear you are going to love these grilled onions.

So if for no other reason, you have to try this recipe even if you think you hate onions just so you can come back here and leave me a hate filled comment about how crappy it tasted. I can’t freaking wait to read it! 

Now obviously as a logical thinking person, I know that there is a chance that the one person who hates this recipe is going to try it, not everyone likes everything.

There are people out there that don’t like chocolate or puppies. 

Not that I am saying puppies are delicious, just saying that people don’t like the taste of chocolate and another preference of theirs is that they do not enjoy the company of a puppy. I do not condone the eating of puppies but I do urge you to try this grilled onion recipe and in your spare time, pet a puppy, it’s fantastic. 

Also, fire up your grill and make these grilled onions.

It’s pretty simple to make, start out by rolling out a double layer of aluminum foil to hold your onions.

Drop a good chunk of margarine or butter depending on if you prefer the flavor of plastic or would rather eat one of the most underrated superfoods out there.

Slice your onions pretty thin into rings and put a layer on top of the chunk of your buttery substance of choice.

Continue to add your margarine or butter every couple of layers in between the slices of onions.

Add salt, pepper, and Lawry’s seasoning to the top layer, a few shakes of each will do the trick.

Fold up the foil to cover the entire onion and then cook for about 30-45 minutes depending on the temperature of your grill. They are done cooking when the grilled onions are so soft that they break when you apply pressure to the side with your fork.

You know what is great about the internet? You can just click on that photo above this meaningless sentence and save it to your the Pinterest board of your choice. Sharing on social media allows even more supposed onion haters to be reached and ultimately try this recipe only to be proven wrong when they decide that they do indeed enjoy a good grilled onion recipe.

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Friday 24th of November 2017

I adore grilled onions. You can also use the same technique to roast whole onions on the grill.

ellen beck

Thursday 29th of June 2017

I love these, hubby not so much UNLESS it is a Vidalia onion. No kidding try it with a vidalia onion and you will get converts. Super good and so easy!


Sunday 25th of June 2017

I love onions not only for their solid spice and great flavor intensity but also for the health benefits they bring. These grilled onions look so good with rice and some greens. They're so simple and easy to make!


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

YUM! I love grilled onions they add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to dishes. This seems easy enough. I've been firing up the grill a lot lately so this has definitely been pinned. I can't wait to give it try. Thanks!

Ali Rost

Thursday 22nd of June 2017

These look heavenly, and are a fun twist on onions. Every year, even tough I swore to myself I wouldn't .. I plant far too many onions in the garden. There quickly comes a time where I think "no what" Caramelizing has been my go-to, although I'm definitely going to be trying your method on the grill. Or maybe I should say my husband will be trying it out. Once the weather turned warm, he's been a grilling fiend and I can't say as I complain! Thanks (as always) for another great idea!