Celebrate the Fourth of July with these Patriotic DIY Ideas

While picking up supplies for your fourth of July celebration, don’t forget to hit the craft aisle and have fun while decorating. These patriotic diy projects will bring a little more fun to the celebration and can even make for great gifts for your guests, that is if you feel like sharing!

Fourth of July DIY projects that are fun and plenty patriotic!

Let’s start with the front door, this is going to be the first thing your guests will see after all, why not make it pop?
diy patriotic door hanger

Welcome your guests with this patriotic wooden door hanger that is perfect for the fourth of July! Have some fun this weekend and prepare for your celebration with a fun DIY project that you can keep on your door all year long.

diy temp tat

Get the kids in on the fun and create your own DIY Temporary Tattoos to kick off your celebration this July fourth. If your family is anything like mine, be sure to make a few extras for the adults that may want to participate!

Another fun way to wear your American pride this holiday is with these Captain America Tie Dye Shirts.


Most of the country will be celebrating this patriotic holiday with a bbq in their backyard. Why not decorate for the occasion with this DIY Patriotic Pallet Flag? 

Spruce up the inside of your home too because chances are your guests are going to be inside at some point and a quick and easy way to decorate for the holiday is with a Patriotic Printable.


These 4 different DIY Wreaths are perfect for every door in your home. Pick your favorite or make them all, if you don’t have enough doors to display them, this would make a great gift to give to your party goers.

Sometimes throwing a party can be expensive and exceed our budgets, especially when we are trying to decorate a large space. This idea for saving money while decorating with a  Dollar Store DIY project will help you save money and brighten up any space!

patriotic utensil holder

Another great way to save some money while decorating is using items you already have but upcycling them into patriotic decor. These recycled patriotic utensil holders are a great way to decorate and display your utensils.

Have fun creating your patriotic decorations and enjoy your family on this fun holiday!




  1. I love doing crafts specifically for holidays it keeps the spirit up around our home and we get to do unique things together for the summer. I will try the one to put on my door that will be fun and unique.

  2. I’d LOVE to throw a fourth of July bash, but people in Denmark can’t understand how truly special this holiday is in America. I tried one year, but it just depressed me more than not having a party at all. I can’t even fly the American flag here without permission from the police 🙁

  3. I’m loving that distressed pallet flag. I’ve been seeing such unique ideas this year with pallets, and this is such a fun way to jump into the fray. I need to start thinking about my own 4th of July party. It’s going to involve a BBQ, that much I know.

  4. You have given me so many great ideas for my 4th of July pool party. I want to decorate, but not spend a ton of money. I think this is a good alternatives. The kids will love the temporary tattoos.

  5. Ohmygoodness! I am in love with all of these ideas! I don’t know what it is, but I love all things red, white and blue. I love, love, love the door hanger shaped as the United States.

  6. These are super cool ideas for the Fourth. I love to decorate as well save money. I always go for the most practical and affordable supplies to use. Thanks you for sharing these awesome ideas.

  7. I enjoy all your 4th of July craft ideas your are very creative indeed, I admire the personal touch and detailed hand work. The last one stand up for me where you put your straw and utensils. Neat and very clever.

  8. Your ideas for planning a Fourth of July party. I was not excited for this holiday until I read your post. Should I love the pallet flag and the idea of using items that we have used in the past as throwing a party can be very expensive. Thank you for sharing!

  9. These are some awesome. These are some great ways to add some Patriotic color around of the holidays! I love all these DIY things! So much fun and a great way to get crafty!!

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