SCD Friendly Meatballs

SCD Meatballs

When cooking for my whole family, I try to incorporate my SCD diet as much as possible. It’s way healthier than the processed foods they normally eat but sometimes you have to compromise flavor. So I am on a mission to make every meal my family loves the SCD way and that means it must taste good too!

I serve mine with zucchini noodles but my family get’s the traditional pasta.

My family loved these SCD friendly meatballs and I know you will too.

What you’ll need:

1lb. Ground Beef or Ground Turkey

1 egg

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon parsley

1 teaspoon pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese

1 cup Almond Flour

1/2 cup peanut oil for frying

In a large bowl mix the meat with an egg until completely coated and gooey. I use my hands for this step because a spoon just doesn’t seem to do the job. Once it is completely coated, add in the rest of the ingredients except vegetable oil and mix. Make sure your not just coating the outside of the meat, be sure it is entirely coated with the mix.

Pour the oil into a frying pan and heat on a medium to high temperature. While waiting for oil to get hot, form your meatballs into ping pong sized balls. It is better to have smaller meatballs to ensure they are heated all the way through. Plus they seem to stay in this shape better for me.  Once the oil is hot, add your meatballs to the pan.

Cook until brown on the sides touching the oil then turn every 10 minutes or so to cook every side evenly. The entire process usually takes about an hour for me. Once the meatballs are thoroughly cooked I like to add my sauce and let them marinate so the sauce picks up the meaty flavor. Plus if they get messy, you have an instant meat sauce!



  1. Aimee+Trader says:

    Would love to somehow get away with making turkey meatballs instead of hamburger! a lot more healthier!

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