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How to Make Air Fryer Apple Chips in 30 Minutes

Air fryer apple chips are a delicious and healthy alternative to potato chips.

This is a great way to make use of all of those Fall apples and after seeing how easy it is to make, this is sure to be one of your favorite easy air fryer recipes.

Sweet and crunchy, these air fryer apple chips are made with just 3 ingredients, cinnamon, olive oil, and apple slices.

This guilt-free snack is perfect for those following a gluten-free, low-carb, Paleo, or Keto diet.

Air Fryer Apple Chips

Although I have received a Power Air Fryer Oven for the purposes of this post, all opinions are my own as usual. Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I will receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you.

What Kind of Air Fryer is Best for Making this Recipe?

While you can use any air fryer you have, I highly recommend the power air fryer oven. If you have ever asked yourself, which air fryer should I buy?

The answer is the Power Air Fryer Oven and I am going to quickly explain why before sharing my easy Air Fryer apple chips recipe.

If you aren’t interested in learning about why I love this air fryer, just scroll to the recipe card below.

This is my favorite air fryer because it has so many uses and even replaces a bunch of other machines that usually clutter up my countertop.

Power Oven recipes

With its 360-degree airflow technology, the unit serves as an air fryer, rotisserie, and dehydrator all-in-one.

The Power AirFryer Oven can replace your deep fryer, rotisserie oven, dehydrator, oven, toaster oven, pizza grill, and microwave.

Power Air Fryer Oven

It’s the perfect tool for making this dehydrator apple chips recipe. Plus, it comes with a variety of power air fryer oven recipes in several easy-to-read books.

This really makes experimenting with air fryer recipes a breeze and this air fryer apple chips recipe is the perfect way to start.

Power Air Fryer Oven

I love the light-up display and the loud alerts it sounds to make sure I am in control of every delicious recipe I create using the Power Air Fryer Oven.

Plus, it is so easy to use for a variety of recipes.

Power Air Fryer Oven

My first yummy creation using the Power Air Fryer Oven was this Apple Chips Recipe, they came out perfect!

Be sure to check out some of my other air fryer and dehydrator recipes below after trying these power air fryer oven dehydrated apples.

bowl of apples

Air Fryer Apple Chips Recipe Ingredients

All you will need to make this healthy snack are the following ingredients.

Apples– You can use any variety of apples for this air fryer recipe. Choose your favorite or select a variety of apples to create colorful cinnamon apple chips in the air fryer.

Olive Oil– I use olive oil to help prevent the apple chips from sticking together and it also helps to give the apple chips a crispy texture.

Cinnamon– I like to sprinkle a generous amount of ground cinnamon on these apple chips but you can omit this ingredient and choose a different spice to use if you would rather have a different flavor for your dehydrated apple chips.

apple on cutting board

How to Slice the Apples

To create a uniform thin apple slice it is recommended to use a mandoline slicer to create your apple chips.

This isn’t necessary but it does make the apples easier to slice and leaves you with perfectly thin apple slices.

If you don’t have a mandoline slicer but you have ninja-like knife skills, cut those apple slices as thin as you can.

easy apple chips recipe

This recipe is so easy that you don’t even have to core apples or peel them before starting the dehydration process.

Some people make apple chip recipes with the skin on and some create their apple chips with the skin off.

Choose whichever works best for you, I prefer to leave the skin on when making apple chips.

I think it gives these red delicious apples a stronger, bolder flavor.

apple chips recipe dehydrator

How to Make Air Fryer Apple Chips

After you slice your apples, spread a little bit of olive oil on them. The next step is to sprinkle the apple slices with a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Place the slices into the Power Air Fryer Oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes in a single layer.

Once the 15 minutes have ended the Power Air Fryer Oven will beep, very very loudly. Trust me you are not going to miss this beep!

The next step in making this homemade apple chip recipe stand out above the rest is to turn the apple slices in the Power Air Fryer Oven before putting them back in for another 10 minutes.

If you are making your crispy apple chips using a different air fryer that has an air fryer basket, this step may not be necessary.

The last step to perfectly dehydrated apple slices is to let them cool before serving.

I have found that the longer I let them cool on the rack, the crispier they are.

Be sure to store any leftovers in an airtight container but making apple chips fresh is always best.

apple chips recipe air fryer

Since I am a proud owner of the Power Air Fryer Oven, you can expect to see lots of different recipes created using this life-changing and time-saving technology.

Here are some of my favorite air fryer recipes below.

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Air Fryer Apple Chips Recipe

30 Minute Apple Chips Recipe


  • Apples
  • Olive Oil
  • Cinnamon


    Slice Apples.
    Spread a little bit of olive oil on them and then sprinkle them with cinnamon.
    The amounts depend on the size of your apples and taste. I like a good shake on each slice.
    Place them into the Power Air Fryer Oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
    Once the 15 minutes have ended the Power Air Fryer Oven will beep, very very loudly. Trust me you are not going to miss this beep!
    Turn your slice in the Power Air Fryer Oven before putting them back in for 10 minutes.
    The last step is to let them cool before serving.
    I have found that the longer I let them cool on the rack, the crispier they are.

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Pedro DePacas

Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Hey man if you don't pay attention when you were cooking with this thing you will find yourself asking "what beeps?"


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

Oh Pedro, you and Billy always make me laugh. Thanks for stopping by.

Kim Halling

Monday 20th of December 2021

Do you add them in a single layer? Or can they overlap each other?


Tuesday 21st of December 2021

I would suggest adding them in a single layer. Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday 10th of January 2021

I have Fuji apples to try. For Christmas a neighbor gave us a small bag of dehydrated cinnamon sugar apples that were absolutely great. They were not crispy chips but more leathery, which we prefer. Do you think cutting the slices a bit thicker will allow for that texture ? Or is there another secret?


Monday 11th of January 2021

I would think that cutting the slices thicker would be a great way to make them more leathery and less crunchy. Good luck!


Monday 30th of March 2020

I have a test sample of two apples in a 12.7 quart air fryer oven. My gbaby and I are eagerly awaiting the crispy apple chips. I initially was interested in get them to the dehydration point of the apples my mama and I used to make hand pies from.


Wednesday 8th of April 2020

Ok now I have to have a hand pie, that just sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoyed the recipe, thanks for stopping by and commenting.


Friday 6th of September 2019

I made these according to your directions and neither the time to process nor the temperature worked for my apples. At this point, I’m up to 235 degrees, and it’s running for at least 15 mins per side. I’m using gravenstein and Fuji’s.


Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I am sorry to hear that this did not work for you. I used Red Delicious Apples, maybe that makes a difference as far as how moist the apple is and I cut them very, very thin before cooking. I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!

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