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Oil Pulling for a Fast Detox

Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling? I have recently been reading a lot about the practice of Oil Pulling for a Fast Detox and decided to try it for the first time and of course I wanted to share my experiences.

Oil Pulling has been practiced for thousands of years as part of Ayurvedic medicine but it has been gaining more popularity recently, most likely due to social media. It is basically

You can use many different kinds of oils but I have read the most about using Extra Virgin cold Pressed Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sesame Oil, or Coconut Oil. Health Benefits of Coconuts

I have Coconut Oil on hand, so I decided that was the one I would try first plus I read somewhere that there are added benefits to using coconut oil like helping prevent tooth decay.

I popped open the jar of Coconut Oil and grab a teaspoon full, gawked at it for a second because let’s face it, this is weird!

I then put the teaspoon into my mouth and immediately knew I had put way too much in my mouth at once and you probably only need about a half of a teaspoon. If you can only handle a little bit for a short period of time at first, you are still going to reap the benefits of Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling for a Fast Detox

Once you have the oil in your mouth, just swish it around and push the oil all around your mouth for about 25 minutes.

Be sure to spit it into the trash rather than down your sink, apparently we can’t even put whatever we want down our drains in this country without it clogging, seems kind of “thirdworldy” to me.

If this seems impossible at first just start small and slow, then work your way up to a half a teaspoon for about 20 minutes.

The benefits of Oil Pulling for a fast Detox:

  • It will brighten your teeth after about a week of a half of teaspoon for 20 minutes daily
  • Rids your mouth of germs therefore eliminating the root of bad breath
  • Fights Inflammation by removing germs & toxins from your body
  • Prevents cavities by removing cavity causing germs
  • Can help heal bleeding gums
  • Helps kidney and Liver Function by removing toxins
  • Improves Digestion ( I need all of the help I can get with that one)
  • Can help to prevent heart disease

All of the benefits outweigh the first couple of minutes of discomfort but to tell you the truth, I was grossed out at first but then I was amazed how fast the time flew by. It really was easy and I intend on doing this everyday.

Have you tried Oil Pulling for a Fast Detox? What are your thoughts?