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Health Benefits of Coconuts

We have all heard the term “superfood” and it seems to be applied to almost every food these days with very little explanation of what makes them better than “regular” food. Personally, as someone with Inflammatory bowel disease most foods have become my enemy and I wouldn’t classify most of them as something that could help me when for so long they have done nothing but hurt me.

Since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I have studied every piece of food that made it’s way to my plate trying to dissect the good from the bad. When food makes you feel sick, it’s hard to see any good coming from it but the truth is there are bad foods and then there are “superfoods”.

One of the most interesting things I learned about food along the way, has to be the health benefits of coconuts.

Health Benefits of Coconuts


This fruit really is a “superfood” because it offers many health benefits and it can be used in so many different ways I never thought of before I was forced to analyze my food because of my disease. Did you know you can make Ice Cream with just coconut milk, honey, vanilla, and strawberries? It’s the easiest ice cream recipe I have ever tried and one of my favorites, you can find a recipe to make it here.

strawberry ice cream plate


I have made this for “normal” people who don’t have any stomach issues and they loved it as well. My mom is a huge sugar lover and she couldn’t believe when I told her that there was no sugar in this recipe. Be sure to stop back and tell me I was right!

Coconut oil is a great substitution for sauteing vegetables or frying anything because it can actually raise the good cholesterol and in some cases lower the bad. The newest health craze that I keep hearing about is Bulletproof Coffee which is basically coffee with butter, vanilla, and coconut oil. There are tons of variations on the recipe that you can find all over the internet but the butter and oil part is what really made this coffee stand out.

health benefits of coconuts

One more ingredient this “superfood” has to offer is coconut flour. This may be my favorite form of coconut because it allows even the most restricted diets the indulgence of breads and cookies without having to worry about gluten. It amazed me the first time I made a banana bread and cookies with no white flour. I didn’t even know it was possible until I tried it and when I put a few recipes together to make Ice Cream Sandwiches I was really blown away.

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