13 Tips for the Ultimate Sleep Over

Every kid loves to have a sleep over and every mom worries about what the kids will do all night to keep themselves busy. I have compiled a list with the help of my daughter and her friend to help make any sleep over great.


13 Tips for the Ultimate Sleep Over

Order Pizza


Let’s face it mom, you need a night off from cooking and with yet another kid in the house, who need’s extra dishes? So give yourself a break tonight and let the kids get a pizza with all the weird toppings they want. Use paper plates for easy clean up because you are going to be too busy to wash dishes tonight anyway.

Paint Nails


When your sleep over involves girls, painting nails is a must. Take a tip from me, lay a blanket down before letting them get anywhere near that hard to clean stuff! I like to get involved and show off my art skills while painting cute creatures on their fingers. Plus this allows me to control where the bottle of polish sits and prevent any spills.

Watch a Movie


A movie is a great idea because this will allow you about an hour and a half of peace. Be sure to pick one out that all the kids enjoy so there isn’t one distracting the rest. It seems like this year Frozen is a great choice for any sleepover. Apparently you can’t watch that movie enough, well that’s what I’m told anyway.

Bake Something


Kids love to help out in the kitchen, ok that’s not entirely true. My daughter never helps in the kitchen unless it is baking something full of sugar. So I opted for fudge brownies and measured everything out ahead of time so there was no room for error. After all the whole family is going to eat these so they better be good.

Decorate Brownies


After the brownies are done I like to make a decorating station full of toppings and fun decorations. I filled bowls with m&m’s, reeses’s baking chips, white chocolate, and decorating icing. The girls had a blast drawing faces on their treats and sprinkling them with delicious toppings.

Build A Fort


Boys and girls alike, love to build forts. Who doesn’t? I remember enjoying this activity when I was a kid and this still delights kids the same as it did back then. It’s easy and cheap because little did you know, you have all of the best fort building materials already in your house.

Have a Pillow Fight

This is one of those traditions that I have no idea how it started but when my daughter and her friend were listing their sleep over plans this was at the top of their lists. I let them have a five minute pillow fight in an area where I was not afraid of anything breaking. This scored me some cool points because after it was over I found out none of the other mom’s approved this activity at their sleepovers.

Make Jewelry 


Making necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets are a fun way to pass the time. Just get some string and beads and you can keep the kids busy for hours creating all kinds of masterpieces.

Lock up the crazy dog


If we skipped this step, we wouldn’t even have kids around for a sleepover. He would eat them in seconds. Just kidding, but it is a good idea to play it safe if you are unsure of your dogs temperament around other kids. It’s better to be safe than sorry every time. My dog Mugsy has a rule, if you have never fed him before then he will eat you.

Eat Popcorn


  Popcorn is a crowd pleaser every time! This keeps the kids quiet during the movie and in their seats!

Tell Ghost Stories 

You know the kids are going to talk once they are sent to bed anyway so you might as well tell them that they can each tell one ghost story before going to sleep. The benefit is if they are really good at telling the stories they may be too afraid to wander the house until morning.

 Play Dress Up

Boys and girls like to dress up when they are with their friends. My nephew likes to be a super hero while his friends are the villains. My daughter and her friends like to wear funny hats and fancy dresses. Although they did play cops and robbers too, just in a very fancy way.

Play A Board Game


When I remember sleep overs from when I was a kid the first thing I think of is Monopoly. This classic game is a great way to pass the time. In fact you may not even have enough time to finish the game in one night. If possible set it up in an area that can be saved until later. This games usually requires breaks for eating and sleeping. If they can finish their game on the next sleep over you are already prepared for the entertainment next time.

 The most important thing to remember when your kids are having a sleep over is just let them have fun. They really do grow up so fast and this will be the memories they will have forever. So when they are older and complaining about how uncool you are you can remind them of the ultimate sleepover that you planned and pulled off!


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