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Fall Bucket List for the Whole Family

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Print out this Fall bucket list so you don’t miss the fun family experiences this season has to offer. From bonfires to pumpkin patches, experience them all!

Bake a Fall Treat

Even if you are on a restrictive diet you can enjoy a fall treat, try this SCD Crockpot Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream, it is sure to hit the spot. You can even whip up a snack like this Easy Cinnamon Pumpkin Dip that is perfect for dipping apple slices into.

Fall Picnic at the Park

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the park. The bold bright colors of the season can be seen in the trees as well as all over the ground, it is a great time to sit and observe.

Jump in a Leaf Pile

Getting the kids to rake the leaves into a pile is a great way to get some yard work done while disguised as a fun Fall activity. Plus it’s always fun to jump into a pile of leaves, even when you need a little help getting back out of it.

Go to a Corn Maze

Here in Iowa, there are corn mazes at every pumpkin patch and for a couple of bucks, you can try to get lost in one.  There are haunted cornfields, weirdly shaped cornfields, some are full of kids…the Children of the Corn, and some are next to a baseball diamond with ghosts inside, or so they say in the Field of Dreams. These corn people really love them too. I guess it’s true, if you build it they will come, and around here, they will bring a gaggle of kids with them!

Carve a Pumpkin

This is a tradition that will always remind me of the time my dad came to visit and we all carved pumpkins together. My husband carved our daughter’s name in the style of the Metallica letters, I carved an impressive Thomas the Tank Engine for her since she was his biggest fan at the time and helped her carve her own Ariel from the Little Mermaid. My dad carved a face that consisted of two triangles for eyes and some jagged teeth, the most basic pumpkin face ever made. Of course, we gave him a hard time for his little effort but the joke was on us because that night, a pumpkin thief came into the neighborhood and stole one of our pumpkins.

The thief stepped over Ariel and didn’t even consider taking Thomas while he snatched up the most basic pumpkin ever made. I couldn’t believe that the thief took my dad’s pumpkin and didn’t even touch ours. Of course, my dad gave us a hard time about it and I will always think of that when I attempt to carve the next pumpkin masterpiece.

Make Apple Cider

This is one of those Fall traditions that you always hear about and a lot of us have still never attempted to make our own Apple Cider. This is the year to check it off of your bucket list! Apparently there are kits for making hard apple cider for the adults who don’t want to remember Fall if they can help it.

Scenic Fall Drive

There are so many scenic drives that are perfect for Fall, even if you just drive through an area park, you are sure to see an impressive variety of beautiful colors that mother nature has to offer.

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Collect Pine Cones

I have recently found out that pine cones are fun to burn in bonfires and can make your home smell great if burned in your fireplace, so be sure to collect some!

Light Fall Scented Candles

This is the quickest and easiest way to give your home a cozy Fall feel, light some pumpkin candles, they smell so good!

Pumpkin Spice Drinks

Everywhere you go there is a pumpkin spice version available this time of year and it should be, pumpkin spice is delicious! Enjoy!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

This isn’t just for the kids either, pet some goats, fall in love with a stranger’s cow, and get lost in a cornfield. It’s fun, dontcha know?

Apple Chips Recipe

Go Apple Picking

Pick your own fruit! When you get home you can make a fun Fall recipe like any of these easy to recreate apple recipes.

Campout in the Backyard

Grab a tent and sleep in the backyard like the ground doesn’t hurt. Sleep like houses haven’t been invented yet. Staying outside in a tent overnight may be too much for some of us but maybe you could take a nap instead or head out when it gets dark to watch a movie on your phone for a couple of hours. Sleeping outside is not comfortable but if you were going to do it, the Fall weather makes it possible.

Our friend Bob, our only Iowa friend, sleeps outside every night during the Fall. Now keep in mind, Bob is a veteran of the Vietnam war and has been trained to survive out there like John Rambo but I think anyone can spend one night out there. Plus bob is a happy guy, he is probably the smartest person I have ever met, and is retired so he has as much time as he could use to do whatever he wanted. Afterall Bob has an entire house about a hundred feet from where he chooses to sleep outside, there must be something to it, something that makes it great. Try to figure out what “it” is and campout this Fall.

Have a Bonfire & Eat S’mores

Fires are cool and S’mores are delicious. Need I say more?

Watch a Halloween Movie

My personal favorites are Hocus Pocus, The Ring Movies, and anything with Chucky if my mom is involved. She has been afraid of that adorable little trouble maker ever since I was little and viewed Child’s Play for the first time. That is when I found out about this little blessing in the form of a doll who scares the crap out of a grown woman.

This past weekend we invited her over for a movie and didn’t tell her what movie it was. Right before she got here I rented the movie and fast-forwarded through anything that may give it away. I paused on a scene that shows only the word Bron which is the name of the toymaker that makes Chucky in the film. So we told her that Bron was the name of the movie and she was excited to watch what must have seemed like an action movie to her based on the title.  It wasn’t long before they introduced the doll and he said his name was Chucky three times as if he was summoning Beetlejuice. This was enough evidence to clue in Detective Grandma and she was on to us.  She was a good sport though and watched the whole movie, it was pretty entertaining after all. Maybe Chucky is growing on her, I think I should pick her up a Chucky doll to keep her company, Christmas is coming up quick!

Take a Fall Family Photo

Naural lighting and pretty Fall surroundings make for a great place to take a family photo. Have it framed, let it sit in the cloud for seven years, share it on Instagram, whatever you do, just make sure you take the photo. Time is fleeting, the kids are growing up so fast, the years are flying by and before you know it these times will be added to the pile of memories. Give yourself some beautiful times to look back on and enjoy an afternoon capturing those photos in a pretty location with your family.

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I hope you enjoyed this Fall Bucket List for the Whole Family. Share it on your favorite social media and leave a comment telling me about your favorite Fall activity.

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And if you have any time left over after all of this, kill a deer and eat it! Those fellas are delicious!

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