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Mango & Botanical Elixir Popsicle Recipe

This is a sponsored post featuring a popsicle recipe, written by me on behalf of Blüm Beverages. All opinions are my own. 

It has been so painfully hot outside lately that I have been inspired to create a refreshing and unique popsicle recipe to help you beat the heat!

Nothing cools you down quite like a frozen treat and these popsicle recipe ingredients are sure to be a pleasant surprise.

I have always been a fan of eating a plant based diet but I have never created a popsicle recipe that incorporated flowers, until now.

I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to try out two Alcohol-Free Botanical Brewed Blends from Blüm Beverages.

These delicious blends are perfect for sipping at any social gathering by non-drinkers, light drinkers, health enthusiast, and hostesses/entertainers.

This natural botanical elixir is the answer to my prayers, I love the idea of being able to continue sipping a more adult beverage even after I have decided I am at my limit with alcohol.

It is a nice alternative to switching to water which usually sends a signal to my brain that the party is over but with Blüm, I feel like I can continue to celebrate any occasion without the hangover!

The Zen Blend is smooth and calming while delivering tranquility to the soul with delicious ingredients like lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, elderflower, holy basil & I-theanine.

I used the Uplift blend from Blüm for my popsicle recipe and I am so glad I did, the flavors of mango pair deliciously with the natural botanicals found in this blend.

This elegant and uplifting blend awakens the soul boasting ingredients like rose, hibiscus, calendula, prickly pear & yerba mate. This is the perfect flavor to create a deliciously easy popsicle recipe and that is what has inspired me to make these Mango & Botanical Elixir Popsicles!

All you need to create this popsicle recipe is a bottle of the Uplift blend from Blüm, a few mangos, popsicle sticks, and popsicle molds.

The first step is to cut the skin off of the mangos, prepare the fruit by cutting it off of the pit, and then adding it to a blender to make a mango puree.

After pureeing the mangos in the blender, add them to the bottom of the molds.

 Add just enough to create a layer but making sure to leave plenty of space for the rest of the ingredients.

Make sure you alternate between the Uplift blend from Blüm and the mangos when creating this popsicle recipe.

The two flavors layered in this popsicle compliment each other so be sure to alternate when pouring in each addition.

Once all of your ingredients are added to the popsicle forms, add popsicle sticks and place the popsicles in the freezer overnight.

I am so excited for you to try this delicious popsicle recipe, so please pin this for later to make sure you don’t lose this treat and be sure to share with your friends!

Head over to Blüm Beverages now and pick up both the Uplift Blend and the Zen Blend for your next gathering, social event, or as a special treat for yourself!

ellen beck

Saturday 1st of July 2017

These look so delicious and refreshing. I can imagine having one (or more ) on a hot day!


Friday 30th of June 2017

These look like a refreshing way for grownups to beat the summer heat.

wen budro

Friday 30th of June 2017

Those are the coolest looking popsicles that I've ever seen. I know that they would be a huge hit at any pool party or outdoor barbecue.


Friday 30th of June 2017

That looks delicious.

Julie Waldron

Friday 30th of June 2017

These look delicious! I love homemade popsicles.