Tips to Declutter Your Home Get Organized

Take on the New Year New You Challenge and use these tips to declutter your home. Improve yourself one task at a time and make life easier while using the new year as a fresh start.

11 Unique DIY Home Decor Projects

These 11 Unique DIY Home Decor Projects are a fun way to improve the look and feel of any room in your home.

Bona Simple Moments, Holiday Cleanup & Giveaway

Bona Simple Moments & Holiday Cleanup This holiday season I have decided to spend more time with the people who matter most to me while enjoying doing the things that make us the happiest! That doesn’t mean that all of my chores are going to be pushed to the side, I still enjoy a clean house but instead of working harder, I have decided to work smarter. My Grandma always told me that even if you don’t have enough time {Read More}

Easy DIY to Transform the Look Of Your Kitchen

Transform the look of your kitchen with this Easy DIY project in just a few hours. No need to pay professionals or buy expensive tools for this!

Tips on How to Stock Up & My Favorite Storage Solution

This storage hack will help you store more items in your home. Plus tips on how to save money and stock up on your favorite products!

How to Remove Carpet Stains Fast

Watch and learn how to remove carpet stains of all kinds in less than 30 seconds ! No machines needed to permanently remove fruit juice, coffee and more!

Tips for Cleaning a Bathroom the Right Way

Even if your bathroom looks clean it may be a breeding ground for bacteria. Implement these tips for cleaning a bathroom to get the job done right!

7 Tips for Preparing Plants for Cold Weather

These tips will help your houseplants thrive during the cold months rather than dying due to shock, lack of sunlight, and common diseases.

Fall Decor Finds for Under $20

10 Fall Decor Finds for Under $20 If you are like me and love to decorate for Fall but just haven’t begun yet, these 10 Fall Decor Finds for under $20 are the perfect items to pick up to bring the beauty of the season into your home. Fall Leaves with Pumpkins Wreath If you want to add a pop of Fall colors to your front door this Fall Wreath is a bargain at only $12.99 plus shipping. You can {Read More}

Easily Clean Gooey Messes that Kids & Crafts Leave Behind

Clean up all of the sticky and gooey messes that kids or crafts can leave behind. Find out what my secret weapon is for easily cleaning stubborn messes.