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Family Fun in and Around Cedar Rapids

Since moving to Cedar Rapids about 2 years ago, my family has explored the area and we have had a lot of fun doing it. We have found a lot of places for Family Fun in and Around Cedar Rapids and I have decided to share some of my favorites.

12 Family Fun Ideas Cedar Rapids

Hansen’s Dairy Farm in Hudson, Iowa is about an hour away from Cedar Rapids but it is totally worth every second of the drive. Not only will you learn how your dairy products are made but you get a real hands on experience at the dairy farm that let’s you interact with cows and even kangaroos. You can find out why my family loved Hansen’s so much by clicking here. 

Hansens Dairy Farm

Indian Creek Nature Center  in Cedar Rapids has a lot of family fun to offer. The grounds are full of beautiful scenery as well lots of interactive play for the whole family. We have had up close experiences with deer, frogs, turtles, and even snakes. Inside of the Nature Center there is even more to explore and it is full of fun information about a wide variety of animals from the area.

Old MacDonald’s Farm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a completely free public zoo that has quite a history. Not only will you get to see the adorable animals but throughout the park and zoo you can read all about the original owners, animals, and lots of other interesting information. I love taking a walk by the duck pond, it’s such a beautiful place.

Old MacDonalds Farm

The PlayStation in Cedar Rapids is a great place to take the kids when they need to burn off some energy and be active. This giant indoor playground is sure to put a smile on the kids faces and allow the parents a little rest. They have a full menu so you don’t have to worry about heading home to cook dinner and their prices are very reasonable.

The Natural History Museum in Iowa City is another free way to spend your day. Throughout the museum you will get up close and personal with many animals and exhibits that celebrate the heritage of the area reaching back to the Ice Age and beyond.

A Trip to the Old Capitol Museum

The Old Capital Museum in Iowa City is also a free place to have lots of family fun. My daughter visited this museum on a school trip and still talks about it almost 2 years later. Whenever we are in the area we are always sure to stop in take some funny pictures and get up close with genuine artifacts that are full of history.

The Granger House Museum in Marion offers a fun and informative tour as well as lots of events throughout the season. Your family can experience how a successful, late 19th-century middle-class family lived. Be sure to check their site before planning your trip for pricing and schedules.

River Museum 2

The National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque is a another great place for family fun and learning. Your family will have a blast getting up close with sea creatures, river animals, and all of the hands on fun this family fun destination has to offer.

The Grant Wood Studio in Cedar Rapids is the original home of the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. This is the place where the famous painting was created. This family fun destination is a great way to get the kids interested in learning about art, history, and seeing the close quarters the Wood family lived in is also a very humbling experience.

The Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids is a beautiful way to enjoy a show with the family. This theatre boasts shows like Orchestra Iowa, Disney in Concert, Annie, and a lot of holiday themed fun for the whole family.

US Cellular Center, now known as the Alliant Powerhouse has a lot of upcoming shows that the whole family can enjoy. Some of their upcoming events are Disney Live, Disney on Ice, and Monster Jam. These should keep your calendar of events pretty full for a while.

I have moved around most of my life but have never lived anywhere like Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I am constantly blown away by the beauty and the nature that surrounds us every time we leave our house. Just heading to the store or visiting one of the many parks that the area has to offer reminds me of how lucky I am to live in such a great place.

I hope this list of Family Fun in and Around Cedar Rapids has helped you get enjoy the area as much as my family has and if you didn’t see your favorite place on the list, tell me about it in the comments below. I love featuring local businesses that are fun for the whole family and hearing from locals what their favorite picks are.

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Wednesday 13th of July 2016

I've spent most of my life in Iowa and thought I would list a few more places. Not too far away from Cedar Rapids at all is the Amana Colonies, which is a great place to visit. Near Cedar Rapids is also Bloomsbury Farm which is especially nice in the fall. On the way to Dubuque is Backbone State Park which has scenery that you wouldn't think would be in Iowa. While you are in Dubuque check out the incline railway, and if you want to visit a sweet little town head a few miles to Galena Illinois. Another one of our state parks is Maquoketa Caves, which is in Maquoketa. These are just a few places to visit off the top of my head. Hope it helps!


Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Thanks for the list of places to visit. I think you gave me a few ideas here that my family is going to love!

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Friday 11th of September 2015

I have always been curious about Cedar, Iowa. I haven't been there at all but would like the opportunity to visit with my family. I like the fact that the area has a lot of museums because it makes for an engaging and educational experience too! :)


Friday 11th of September 2015

Getting up close with sea animals is a real great experience for kids since they can interact with living things and not only read about them in books or watch them through online videos. Visiting a lot of museums with the family is awesome. It's a good way to also spend some quality time with one another.


Friday 11th of September 2015

All of this sounds like a ton of fun to do with the family! I had no idea that Cedar Rapids had so many museums there. I love the fish what a fun place to visit.

Notorious Spinks

Thursday 10th of September 2015

These pictures look amazing. I would definitely love to visit here and will add this to my wunderlist. I've never been to Iowa so this is a great introduction.

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