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Original Home of the American Gothic Painting

Ever since I have moved to Iowa 2 years ago,  I have been within 10 minutes of the Original Home of the American Gothic Painting but have never visited until now.

I have always been curious about The Grant Wood Studio because I knew it would be interesting to visit a home where a masterpiece was created.

Admission is free so if you are planning a visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa be sure to check out the Original Home of the American Gothic Painting on Second Avenue.

Grant Wood Studio

This is the studio where Grant Wood painted the world famous American Gothic Painting.  The Grant Wood Studio and Visitor Center is located at 810 Second Avenue SE in downtown Cedar Rapids, just three blocks from the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

Original Home of the American Gothic

We were able to take pictures in the location where Grant Wood would often paint and the tour guide showed us photos taken of Wood with his newly painted masterpieces in the same spot.

It was great being able to see all of the pictures of Grant Wood and his family in the space where The American Gothic Painting was created.

Original Home of American Gothic

The kitchen is very small and it makes me wonder how Grant Wood, his mother, and his sister all had lived in such a cramped area.

A lot of the items in the home were re-purposed items like the door was actually made out of a coffin lid and the storage rolled out of the walls.

The Original Home of the American Gothic

We learned a lot of interesting information about Grant Wood’s life and how he lived. When thinking of a famous artist most people probably image a mansion full of endless amenities and servants but you won’t find any of that here.

Even though the studio is smaller than most living rooms at one time there were plays held in this space that help 75 people at a time.

Original Home of the American Gothic

You can learn more about the Grant Wood Studio by visiting their website.