7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does

7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does

  1. Much like the feature on your oven, your microwave can help to clean itself. Microwave a cup of water with a a cup of vinegar for 5 minutes. When done heating, allow bowl to sit in microwave for an extra 5 minutes to allow steam to build up. Be careful when removing bowl, it will be hot. Wipe down microwave easily and faster with the help of the steam and vinegar. You can see the whole process in more details with great before and after pictures by clicking here. 7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does
  2. Microwave popcorn kernels in a paper bag for an easy and quick popcorn snack. I usually pop about 2 tablespoons of popcorn for about 2 minutes. This usually yields about 2 and a ½ cups. It’s much healthier and cheaper this way, no need for pre-made bags full of unnecessary fat and calories.7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does
  3. Pop your sponge in the microwave for 90 seconds to kill off germs and bacteria. Be careful when removing because it will be hot. I usually wait a minute to remove my sponge and then give it a good rinse.
  4. Microwave an onion to release the sulfuric acid that causes onions to make your cry while chopping. Pierce a couple of holes into the onion and microwave on medium for 30 seconds.
  5. Have you ever needed to remove a stamp from a letter or wanted to remove a label from a jar for reuse? Add a dash of water to the paper and microwave for 30 seconds, it should come off quite easily.7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does
  6. Got the munchies but don’t feel like being Betty Crocker? Throw a few ingredients together and make a quick brownie in your microwave that is dangerously delicious. Check out this recipe for a 3 Minute Brownie Sundae that will blow your mind!
  7. Don’t throw away those potato chips that lost their crunch, microwave them to get that much desired texture back.

7 Surprising Things Your Microwave Does


Which one of these 7 Surprising things Your Microwave Does will save you the most trouble?


  1. Clay Cassin says:

    Another surprising thing a microwave does is burn out and die if you microwave water in it for too long… I know this because I’ve done it twice. Yes, I am one of those who just can’t learn an expensive lesson the first time!

    • Wow that is interesting! I could see myself doing that as well. When I was a kid although I knew better, I had to try and I stuck a dorito bag in for a couple of seconds. It didn’t break the microwave but it did show me the sparks I wanted to see. It’s funny because the thought of doing this nowadays terrifies me and if my daughter did it, I would be so upset.


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