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The 9 Best Pork Rinds for Keto Diet

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For those of us that are trying to find a keto-friendly snack that replaces potato chips, finding the best pork rinds can be life-changing.

best pork rinds keto

When I first started eating a low carb diet, I couldn’t imagine eating pork rinds.

I really never thought of pig skin as a delicious snack.

I couldn’t get past the skin of a pig part at first but when I was looking for foods with zero carbs they kept popping up.

It seemed that everyone on a ketogenic diet was consuming fried pork skins and boasting about the grams of protein in their favorite brands.

Another surprising thing about pork rinds to me was how many different varieties were available.

All of the grocery stores seem to have a shelf full of pork cracklings with unique flavors from sea salt to olive oil or even dill pickle.

Some are made with vegetable oils and some boast the classic chili flavor, sour cream, chili lime, and white cheddar, or you can pick up just plain pork rinds.

As you can see, it is difficult to choose which brand delivers the best keto snacks because there are so many varieties available.

I hope this list of The 9 Best Pork Rinds for Keto Diet helps make your decision easier.

Best Pork Rinds For Keto Diet

Better Made Flavored Pork Rinds

Better Made Flavored Pork Rinds come in a variety of flavors and can be purchased online which is really convenient.

I have recently decided to poll a couple of the Keto groups I am in on Facebook to determine which brand was the most popular and Better Made kept coming up.

It seems that the most popular flavor was the original flavor which was kind of surprising until I tried them.

These are worth a shot if you are looking for a great snack with simple ingredients, this is the one for you.

Baken Ets Hot & Spicy Fried Pork Skin

Baken Ets Hot & Spicy Fried Pork Skin is perfect for those who enjoy a little spice with this crunchy snack.

If you aren’t a big fan of pork rinds but are on a low-carb diet, the next time you are brave enough to try something new, this is the one you should try in my opinion.

Pick it up at your local grocery store or buy pork rinds online by clicking the link above.

Pork King Good Pork Rinds Breadcrumbs

While this isn’t a snack, these pork rind crumbs are perfect for those recipes that call for pork rinds.

This no-carb breadcrumb substitute has been a huge help for me when creating easy keto recipes.

No need to crush them yourself, the Pork King Pork Rind Breadcrumbs make a great replacement for traditional bread crumbs.

Just add a bit of onion powder, or your favorite seasonings to create a delicious treat that the whole family can enjoy.

These are great for making these Crispy Air Fryer Zucchini Chips for Keto. 

Crispy Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

EPIC BBQ Pork Rinds

EPIC BBQ Pork Rinds offers a high-protein snack with a low carb count in a variety pack of flavors like Pink Himalayan & Sea Salt, BBQ, or maple bacon flavor.

The oven-baked varieties are perfect for those in search of a healthy snack while still enjoying crunchy pork rinds.

Mac’s Salt & Pepper Pork Skins

If you are interested in trying out different flavors of pork rinds, Mac’s may be the brand for you. They have quite a variety and are available at most grocery stores.

My husband has never been a fan of eating pork rinds either but he actually enjoyed the Mac’s Salt & Pepper Pork Skins as well as the hot pork rinds from the same brand.

Golden Flake Curly Q Red pepper

I love the fun shapes of the Golden Flake Curly Q Red pepper, I almost feel like I am enjoying something other than pork rinds.

It reminds me of some of the classic snacks I enjoyed as a kid.

Plus, you can pick these up in a few different flavors at most grocery stores for a great deal.

best pork rinds keto

Field Trip Sweet Chipotle Pork Rinds

Field Trip Sweet Chipotle Pork Rinds has less sodium than most varieties of this popular snack.

The sweet chipotle version of these classic snacks makes me think are pork rinds keto while eating them because they are so good.

I like to bring a bag on road trips and use it in place of tortilla chips when we stop for dinner.

These are great dunked-in warm queso or salsa.

4505 Meats Classic Chili & Salt Pork Rinds

4505 Meats Classic Chili & Salt Pork Rinds adds an extra burst of flavor to regular salt pork rinds with their special three-chili blend.

I would bet anyone who likes this flavor combo would enjoy a bowl of delicious pork rinds, no matter how much they think they don’t like them.

Plus the company partners with small family farms to ensure a low-stress environment is maintained and they raise their hogs humanely.

There will always be people who believe that going vegan is the only way to not harm animals.

Since I don’t plan on myself or millions of others making the switch anytime soon, I do believe that animals should live a happy, healthy life while they are in our care.

So why not support a business that claims to do it right? I have not visited their farms to see this for myself and of course as a natural skeptic, I am not completely sold on the idea but hope it to be true.

I am always open to doing a farm tour and seeing this for myself to make sure everything checks out.

Until the opportunity to personally inspect these farms arises, I will take the company’s word for it.

best pork rinds keto

Utz Pork Rind

I always struggle to keep pork rinds very long once they are opened. The bags pop open over time and pork rinds just aren’t good once they lose their crisp in my opinion.

Sometimes I pour them into a freezer bag for storage but more often than not I put them away without any protective measures and I end up wasting them.

So when I found out that Utz Pork rinds came in a barrel, I had to try them out.

I enjoy the crunchy Utz pork rinds combination of an airy texture and crispy cuts that it can be hard to stick to just a serving of pork rinds, especially when they come in a barrel.

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Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think the best pork rinds for ket are, I cannot wait to try them all!

Best pork rinds keto

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Jupiter Hadley

Monday 18th of October 2021

I do love a good pork rind!

Nicola | Mummy to Dex

Sunday 17th of October 2021

These all sound incredibly delicious - I had no idea there were so many different varieties to choose from!

Jasmine Martin

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Pork rinds are my absolute favorite snack. I am going to have to try out all of these for sure.

Laura le Roux

Saturday 16th of October 2021

This is such a decadent snack isn't it! So delicious.


Friday 15th of October 2021

Pork rinds are so good! I like the idea of using them as breadcrumbs.

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