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How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Destructively

If your dog is being destructive and chewing on your furniture or other items you wish he would leave alone, you may be wondering How to Stop a Dog from Chewing.

Luckily there are many ways to stop the chewing but keep in mind that there are many reasons for your dog to chew destructively so there is no easy fix and you may need to try several solutions before being able to correct this bad behavior for good.

Chewing is a way for your dog to pacify himself and much like a baby would chew on teething rings, a puppy may experience discomfort as their teeth begin to come in which can lead to destructive chewing. As your puppy grows it can be difficult to break a destructive chewing habit so it is best to teach your dog to stop destructive chewing as soon as it starts.

Interrupt the Behavior

Making a noise may be all it takes to get your dogs attention and to stop chewing. Fill a jug full of coins or pick up a dog whistle to get their attention. This method works best if you only use the sound for correction and to get your dogs attention. Never use a clicker or ultrasonic dog deterrent for playtime, reserve this tool for training only.

Reward Good Behavior

Be sure to teach your dog positive reinforcement by giving rewards or treats when they learn a command. This can be a very effective way to stop bad behavior because it gives them an incentive to comply. Using training treats is a great way to reward your pet without having to worry about overfeeding and causing a weight issue in the future.

Exercise Regularly 

Just like a bored child, a dog is more likely to practice destructive behaviors like chewing when they have nothing else to do. Take your dog for walks regularly to keep them active and allow them to burn off all of that excess energy.

Setting aside time each day to play with your pet is a good way to exercise them and bond with them as well.

Satisfy the Urge to Chew

Give your dog access to their own toys but be sure to keep them in a toy box or area that lets your dog know that these toys are theirs to chew on.

It can be hard for a dog to differentiate between a throw pillow and a stuffed toy, a toy box can help your dog learn what is and isn’t off limits.

My dog has thoroughly enjoyed chewing on these adorable plush dog toys from Petmagasin, they may not be the best for aggressive chewers but they are perfect for playtime. When she is in a non-stop chewing mood I give her a bully stick.

These long-lasting and fully digestible 100% pure beef bully sticks are made of pure beef from US-raised cattle. Dried, slow-roasted and smoked to lock in flavor, your dog will love to chew on these instead of your furniture!

Proper Dental Care

Allowing your dog to chew on Greenies is a good way to boost their dental health without a trip to the vet. My dogs love chewing on these toothbrush shaped snacks and since I get them delivered from Chewy, I have hope that they will make amends with the mailman someday.


Spraying the areas or furniture that your dog chews on most often with a deterrent can help curb the behavior. This isn’t always effective for every dog but it does work for most, so it may be worth a shot to stop your dog from chewing.

I have had dogs that wouldn’t go anywhere near the deterrent no matter what I sprayed it on but I have also had dogs that wanted to lick the deterrent right out of the bottle. It seems that it is more often effective than it is not so it is still worth a try in my opinion.

Dog Proof the Area

Pick up any shoes or throw pillows that can be easily removed from the area to prevent your dog from chewing them. Closing off areas that you are unable to keep an eye on with a large gate. Always keep an eye on your dog when chewing is an issue and be sure to set them up for success by removing any temptations.

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing Destructively

What tips and tricks do you have to share that have helped Stop a Dog from Chewing Destructively?

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