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23 Easy & Quick Dinner Ideas for Busy Weeknights

Looking for quick dinner ideas? We’ve all been there. Maybe you forgot to thaw the chicken, the grocery store delivery got rerouted, or the kids just declared war on everything green on their plates.  No matter the reason, sometimes a pre-planned meal goes out the window, leaving you scrambling for a quick recipe. 

Let these easy & quick dinner ideas save the day! Simple, filling, and perfect for feeding the whole family a delicious meal on busy weeknights.

Quick Dinner Ideas for Busy Families

Easy & Quick Family Dinner Ideas for Busy Weeknights

This collection of flavorful, last-minute dinner ideas is your secret weapon against takeout temptations. We're talking everything from a 10-minute meal to 30-minute meals,  with simple ingredients you likely already have on hand. Craving creamy comfort food? We've got you covered with easy weeknight dinners made in one pan, slow cooker recipes, air fryer recipes, and even sheet pan suppers.

So ditch the stress and get ready to whip up a delicious dinner that the whole family (even the pickiest eaters) will devour. Let's turn those "end-of-the-day" meltdowns into memorable meals – and maybe even some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Quick Dinner Ideas Using Pasta

When you need a meal that's quick and satisfying, pasta dishes are the perfect solution. These easy dinner recipes come together in no time, making them ideal for busy weeknights. Whether you're craving something creamy like Cajun chicken pasta or a fresh take on a classic Italian favorite, these quick dinners will please the whole family.

Using pantry staples and fresh ingredients like bell pepper, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese, you can create a delicious pasta dish without spending a long time in the kitchen.

For those who love a little spice, adding a touch of hot sauce or a sprinkle of fresh basil can take your pasta to the next level. With these recipes, you'll have dinner on the table in less time, giving you more moments to enjoy with your loved ones.

One Pan Dinners

One-pot meals are a lifesaver for busy weeknights when you need something quick, easy, and delicious. These one-pan dinners are designed to minimize cleanup and maximize flavor, making them some of the best weeknight dinners around. Whether you're cooking with chicken, sausage, or seafood, these recipes offer a great way to get dinner on the table with minimal fuss.

Ingredients like fresh vegetables, creamy feta, and smoky flavors come together in perfect harmony, ensuring that each bite is packed with big flavor. These meals will quickly become a regular rotation in your household, offering simplicity and satisfaction at the end of the day.

Quick Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

If you haven't jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet, you're missing out on one of the best ways to create easy dinners in record time. These quick dinner recipes take advantage of the Instant Pot's speed and efficiency, allowing you to prepare healthy recipes with minimal effort.

Perfect for busy weeknights, these dishes often feature hearty ingredients like black beans, chicken, and fresh herbs, creating meals that are both nutritious and flavorful.

Whether you're making a comforting soup, a savory stew, or a tender chicken dish, the Instant Pot helps you achieve perfect results every time. Say goodbye to long cooking times and hello to delicious, home-cooked meals that can be ready in less time than it takes to order take out.

Dinner in 15 Minutes or Less

These meals can be made in under 15 minutes! For those nights when time is of the essence, you need quick meals that can be prepared in a flash. These 15-minute weeknight dinners save the night with quick recipes that don't compromise on taste. Ideal for the end of the day when you need to whip up something fast, these dishes include options like stir fry, quick pasta, and simple chicken recipes. Ingredients like red onion, fresh basil, and soy sauce bring vibrant flavors to your plate, while techniques like air frying ensure your meals are cooked to perfection in no time.

Perfect for picky eaters and busy schedules, these recipes prove that delicious dinners don't have to take a long time to prepare.

Easy Fish Recipes

Fish recipes are an excellent choice for quick dinners that are both healthy and flavorful. These easy fish recipes are perfect for busy weeknights when you want a meal that's light yet satisfying.

Whether you're baking panko-crusted cod, grilling tandoori salmon, or air frying buffalo chicken flatbread pizza, these dishes come together quickly and effortlessly. With ingredients like fresh lime juice, crunchy vegetables, and creamy sauces, you'll create meals that are bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Perfect for dinner tonight, these recipes ensure you can enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

Quick Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Finding easy dinner recipes that are both quick and gluten-free can be a challenge, but these options make it simple to enjoy a variety of delicious meals. From pasta dishes made with gluten-free penne to hearty soups and stir-fries, these recipes are perfect for busy weeknights when you need a healthy dinner that everyone will love.

Featuring ingredients like creamy feta, black beans, and fresh herbs, these meals offer a fresh take on classic favorites while meeting your dietary needs.

With these quick dinner recipes, you can create meals that are both satisfying and safe for those with gluten sensitivities, ensuring everyone at the dinner table is happy and well-fed.

More Easy Dinner Ideas

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Kaz Dee

Saturday 20th of March 2021

I am on the lookout for some easy alternatives for dinner as I am fed up with our usual choices! These look great, thank you


Friday 19th of March 2021

The mac and cheese looked like popcorn for a minute lol but love that it's so easy to make, I like such recipes.

Laura Schwormstedt

Thursday 18th of March 2021

Ooh these are som great foodie tips especially when your in a rush for dinner time, thanks for sharing them

Laura x

Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

I love these quick dinner ideas. Sometimes after a long day at work it's so hard to spend hours over the stove. Personally I prefer a home cooked meal instead of junk food so this is great.

Ron Donoho

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Sounds like Cadence offers a good range of options to try.