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Quick Dinner Ideas from Cadence Kitchen

This post sharing Quick Dinner Ideas is sponsored by Cadence Kitchen although all opinions are my own, as usual. 

Need quick dinner ideas? Cadence Kitchen makes it easy by offering high-quality meals that are both delicious and convenient. No need to order out on those nights when there just isn’t enough time to prepare an entire meal for the whole family.

You can still enjoy an easy and delicious meal in your own kitchen, even if you only have fifteen minutes to spare.

Instead of spending an hour prepping ingredients in the kitchen, I can now spend more time enjoying my family.

The only prep-work needed with Cadence Kitchen products is stopping at the New Pioneer Co-op and selecting my favorite Cadence Kitchen items. Stocking up and always having high-quality, fast options in my freezer is an excellent way to get started streamlining the meal planning process for me.

Quick Dinner Ideas

I recently visited the New Pioneer Food Co-op location on Center Point Road in northeast Cedar Rapids to get started with my meal planning for the week.

Once I was inside, I headed right to the Cadence Kitchen one-stop-shop bunker to pick up a quick meal for my family.

Quick Dinner Ideas

There was a large variety of quick meal ideas available and I was excited to try them out.

I have always been interested in finding ways that I can streamline meal planning and these easy ideas seem like the best way to get started.

This isn’t the same as picking up frozen pizzas or a premade lasagna at the grocery store. The convenience is the same as stocking up on frozen foods but with these unique products, I am still serving my family high-quality foods.

It’s like having a chef do all of the hard stuff for me, and I get to take all of the credit without putting in a bunch of unnecessary effort.

Quick Dinner Ideas

I love the idea of having easy meal ideas, but I think I was most curious about the method that Cadence Kitchen uses to freeze the meals.

They are one of the only brands using Enrobed Liquid Nitrogen Technology which means that they “coat” the food and freeze immediately using liquid nitrogen.

This high-tech method locks in flavor and freshness so that the food stays as fresh as it was the day it was flash-frozen.

There is no better way to celebrate frozen food month than to experience this unique culinary experience in my own home.

Quick Dinner Ideas

As a busy mom, I can appreciate the convenience of having easy dinners in the freezer for those long, busy days.  Unlike a lot of the frozen meals you would typically pick up in the grocery store, Cadence Kitchen offers chef-crafted restaurant-quality meals.

Easy weeknight dinners have never been easier or tastier.

When it was time for dinner, I pulled out the Prime Rib Beef Roast & Gravy poured it into a skillet, and heated it up in under ten minutes.

Quick Dinner Ideas

It was so simple to heat up, there was no prep work, I didn’t even have to spray the skillet down. I just poured the bag into a non-stick skillet and covered it.

I gave it a few stirs to prevent it from sticking or burning and then poured it into a bowl before serving.

Quick Dinner Ideas

I was pleasantly surprised with the generous amount of beef inside this meal. In my experience, a lot of the already prepared meals fall short in this area. The mushrooms were so flavorful and the onions had a bit of a crunch that really added a nice texture to the dish.

This meal was not only easy to make and delicious, but it was also very filling. I will definitely be making this one again, I already miss the flavor of the broth, it really hit the spot.

With so many quick dinner ideas from Cadence Kitchen, it was tough to choose which other meal options to try out but I knew I had to make a decision. When at New Pioneer Co-op, I also picked up the Chicken Fajitas.

Quick Dinner Ideas

They were also super simple to heat up and were ready in under ten minutes.

The chicken was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. The peppers and onions were the perfect texture for chicken fajitas. After making fajitas at home more times than I can count, I must say that this is my new preferred way to serve chicken fajitas at home.

I loved not having to cut peppers and onions or prepare the chicken before cooking. I didn’t have to figure out the perfect ratio of flavors or mix the seasoning, all of that time-consuming prep work was already done for me.

Quick Dinner Ideas

Either of these meals would be perfectly served by themselves but adding a quick side option would be pretty easy. Cadence Kitchen offers side dishes that would also double as easy lunch ideas.

My favorite of the side dish options was the Four Cheese Mac and Cheese. It was the easiest macaroni and cheese I have ever made. I didn’t even have to add milk, butter, or any flavor packets.

Quick Dinner Ideas

Once again, I just dumped the bag into a non-stick skillet, stirred it a couple of times and it was ready to be served in under ten minutes.

Quick Dinner Ideas

I really enjoyed watching the cheese melt as it was cooking, it looked much different than the other frozen macaroni and cheese products I have tried in the past.

The pipette pasta was tender, the cheese was gooey and full of flavor.

All of the different cheese flavors came together to create a delicious dish that any macaroni and cheese lover would enjoy. My daughter has requested that I stock up on this one for her.

She called it “real macaroni and cheese” and enjoyed it more than the kind I usually make, which takes an hour. That hurt a little bit, but the idea of streamlining this dish softened the blow for me.

Quick Dinner Ideas

Cadence Kitchen is the perfect solution for those nights that you don’t want to cook, don’t have time to cook, or even if you don’t know how to cook.

It’s as easy as warming up a meal, all of the hard stuff has already been done. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy a delicious meal with your family.

Looking for Quick Dinner Ideas? Take the night off and try these products, then come by and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Find out where you can pick up Cadence Kitchen products in your area by clicking here.

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Kaz Dee

Saturday 20th of March 2021

I am on the lookout for some easy alternatives for dinner as I am fed up with our usual choices! These look great, thank you


Friday 19th of March 2021

The mac and cheese looked like popcorn for a minute lol but love that it's so easy to make, I like such recipes.

Laura Schwormstedt

Thursday 18th of March 2021

Ooh these are som great foodie tips especially when your in a rush for dinner time, thanks for sharing them

Laura x

Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

I love these quick dinner ideas. Sometimes after a long day at work it's so hard to spend hours over the stove. Personally I prefer a home cooked meal instead of junk food so this is great.

Ron Donoho

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Sounds like Cadence offers a good range of options to try.