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Trash to Treasure DIY Tray

I love to upcycle by creating fun DIY projects that turn things from trash to treasure.

My most recent crafty rescue project ended with a decorative DIY Tray and it was so simple to do!

I especially enjoy DIY projects that allow me to make crafty home decor items and this DIY Tray fits right in with my home decor.

Keep in mind that I have never really been great at styling trays.

Whenever I search Pinterest for inspiration on styling a tray for a photo, I am overwhelmed by the number of beautiful layouts people have created with their tray.


My home decor and especially my tray layouts tend to get cluttered very fast.

I tend to add a lot of excess to things, I do everything in excess come to think of it, my husband is the same way.

We both are very passionate about the things we love, including each other which in my opinion, is both of our best qualities.

There is nothing wrong with giving things all you’ve got to give but it will no doubt cause controversy in your life if you are surrounded by the wrong people.

Coincidentally as well as if you are surrounded by the wrong things.

Turning Trash to Treasure is a great way to get started improving your Feng Shu or Chi or whatever home decor guidelines you follow.


This DIY project only requires a few things, the most important one is the cardboard box that cans usually come in.

I have been upcycling boxes for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid, we moved into a new place and didn’t have much furniture because the place we lived before was furnished, which meant we had to leave everything behind and start all over.

Those are the days that saving things really started for me and it is also when I started upcycling boxes.

I use to set up any box I could get my hands on as furniture in my room.

I lined the entire wall with a bunch of banana boxes from the local grocery store and created tables that held all of my favorite things.

Candles, books, my jewelry box, and pretty much everything that I owned.

I laid out old clothes and scarves across them to disguise the fact that my furniture consisted of boxes and it gave the room a bohemian type of feel.

I have been upcycling before I even knew what upcycling was and I was always creative. 


The next thing you will need to create this DIY Tray is a hot glue gun, rope or jute, a piece of decorative scrapbook paper, and scissors.

Start by fitting the piece of scrapbook paper into the bottom of the tray and cutting off the excess.

The next step is the glue the rope around the edges, hiding the edges of the scrapbook paper and adding a decorative line to the bottom of the tray.

You can use something other than scrapbook paper if you prefer, I just happened to have a few sheets laying around, waiting for my next big DIY Project. 

Add a decorative handle to the sides of your DIY Tray by gluing a loop onto the sides of the inside of the tray.

This will also cover up the rough edges inside from where the cardboard is folded.

Wrap the box with the rope making sure to cover the entire box.

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, make sure to be careful around the handles.

Glue the rope all the way to the top of the tray to hide the cardboard cut off on the top of the sides.

Now attempt to decorate your tray and search Pinterest for inspiration, there are some cute tray set ups out there.


While you are there, be sure to pin this post so you can make it later and share with your friends! Will you be creating your own DIY Tray by upcycling and converting trash to treasure?

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Antoinette M

Sunday 10th of June 2018

I like the finished tray. Thank you for sharing this DIY project!


Wednesday 7th of February 2018

This turned out lovely. I love the fact that you literally turned trash into treasure. A cardboard box never looked so pretty! Great job! Can't wait to see what you will come up with next!


Wednesday 7th of February 2018

I love to watch others DIY projects. I admire them but never tried to do by myself. I think I don't the patience! Yoyr tray seems so easy to make and looks fantastic!

Censie Sawyer

Wednesday 7th of February 2018

Now this is a great idea! I love finding ways to do DIY projects with my kids that use items that we already have around the house. Makes the project even more fun in my opinion! Love this!

Vanessa Palma

Tuesday 6th of February 2018

I love everything about this project. I love crafts that are simple. You can't get easier than twine, a glue gun and a cardboard box!