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65 Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Keep kids busy at home with these 65 fun activities that are sure to stimulate their minds and keep everyone from going stir crazy. No school? No problem! Set the kids up with these fun STEM activities while they are out of school, so they are still learning while burning off that extra energy. These activities to keep kids busy will have you homeschooling like a pro with science experiments, free printables, crafts, and DIY activities.

Make use of those toilet paper rolls that everyone has been stockpiling for crafts and teach your kids how to wash their hands properly, with glitter. This is a weird time that will most likely not be forgotten, so be sure that you are making memories that you will want your kids to remember forever.

Baking Soda Activity 

How to Make a Dollhouse Out of Cardboard

DIY Sidewalk Fizzy Foam Paint 

Science Experiment for Kids 

Livingroom Campout 

Paper Roll Rocket Craft 

Chick and Bunny Clay Pots 

Printable Word Searches 

Crystal Science Experiment 

Hovercraft Science Experiment

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course 

Free Disney Coloring Pages 

Fun Slime Recipes 

How to Make Mermaid Slime

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 

Jello Fish Bowls 

2 Ingredient DIY Moon Sand 

Make Snow Like Elsa from Frozen 

Upcycle Junk Mail 

DIY Marshmallow Catapult Game 

Dinosaur Sensory Bin 

Minion Finger Puppets 

Easy Magic Fairy Wands

Light Refraction Experiment 

Upcycle Kids Clothes to Make Tote Bags and Purses 

Friendship Wands Bead Craft 

DIY Trash to Treasure Tray 

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets 

Rock Painting Woodland Animals 

Make this Silly Spring Slime Recipe without harsh chemicals this weekend!

Silly Spring Slime Recipes

Monster Eyes Sensory Bottles 

DIY Desk Organizer 

Farm Paper Bag Puppets 

Geometry Dice 

DIY Rope Basket

Fun With Potato Stamps 

Make Your Own Puzzles 

Paper Plate Cow Craft 

Craft Stock Arctic Animals 

DIY Patriotic Sign 

Teach Kids to Wash Hands Properly, with Glitter! 

Slow Cooker Play Dough Recipe 

DIY Pocket Fan 

Homemade Noise Putty 

How to Make a Mermaid Wand

Edible Play Dough 

2 Ingredient Cloud Dough 

How to Colour Moon Dough

DIY Party Blower Craft 

2 Ingredient Dish Soap Slime 

How to Make Personalized Name Crayons 

How to Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass 

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag 

3 Steps to an Indoor Herb Garden for Kids 

DIY Ball Run 

Crayon Sensory Bin 

Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

DIY Flower Crayons and Spring Printable Coloring Page

DIY Flower Crayon Craft & Printable

Teach Your Kids to Code with a Deck of Cards 

DIY Taste Safe Paint 

Cheerios and Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeder 

How to Start a Nature Journal with Kids 

Create Your Own Sword & Shield Toy Set 

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Tuesday 24th of March 2020

So many awesome ideas! I love your list. Thanks for sharing my baking soda & vinegar activity!


Monday 30th of March 2020

Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share this awesome activity!